Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Merchandise Spotlight:
Iron Winch / Sky Winch Batman
Kenner Batman Dark Knight Collection /
Batman Returns Figure

 photo iwbatman11_zpsc52567af.jpg

Video Spotlight:

Pictorial Review:

 photo iwbatman4_zpsbbdb2e98.jpg

 photo iwbatman7_zpsdf9718be.jpg

 photo iwbatman6_zpsc3f0da60.jpg

 photo iw2batman4_zpsc96bc083.jpg

 photo iw2batman3_zpsb37b8d54.jpg

 photo iw2batman1_zps299b6d48.jpg

 photo iw2batman2_zpse43d696c.jpg

 photo iwbatman10_zpsd21dfb35.jpg

 photo iwbatman13_zps01a0dca1.jpg

 photo iwbatman15_zps54fe5b22.jpg

 photo iwbatman14_zps6cef5058.jpg

 photo iwbatman18_zps941a7f57.jpg

 photo iwbatman17_zpsdcedfdc6.jpg

 photo iwbatman19_zps557f17ca.jpg

 photo iwbatman3_zps184e183a.jpg

 photo iwbatman23_zpsa9616a70.jpg

 photo iwbatman12_zpsac12525e.jpg

 photo iwbatman2_zps59803edb.jpg

 photo iwbatman21_zps6e62628d.jpg

 photo iwbatman22_zpse758ee72.jpg

 photo iwbatman9_zps3d77ead8.jpg

 photo iwbatman8_zps5a0c98dd.jpg

 photo iwbatman20_zps50ddc2bd.jpg

 photo iwbatman1_zps9fbe62d0.jpg

 photo iwbatman24_zpsff92d7c6.jpg

 photo iwbatman5_zps1a71284c.jpg

 photo iwbatman16_zps3fa69379.jpg


  1. Man I used to have that! Thanks for showing!

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  3. funny stuff! i really like batman , i consider him a cool hero!
    also i like various road car trips and i think it is really romantic and cool thing!

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  6. He brings humor, drama and action to Tony Stark/Iron Man, and makes him a character that the audience can care about and identify with.

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