Thursday, September 24, 2015

Vintage Magazine Article:
"Comics Scene"
Issue #27

This issue of Comics Scene gives us some thoughts on the Burton Bat-films from the creator of Batman's name, Bob Kane. Warning- If you can't really stomach Bob Kane's ego... This one may be a little tough to get through. :)

 photo cscene1_zpsnvdawpcd.jpg

 photo cscene2_zpszus3bcy7.jpg

 photo cscene3_zpsm6riz8ia.jpg

 photo cscene4_zpsa3yqqswp.jpg

 photo cscene5_zpsxoe52szf.jpg

 photo cscene6_zpsrd6wviio.jpg

 photo cscene7_zpsdqpgi3xr.jpg

 photo cscene8_zpsxhz3zziw.jpg


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