Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Vintage Newspaper Clipping:
Variety The Entertainment Newspaper
"Batman Swoops To Conquer"
June 28 Through July 4, 1989

Batman's box office performance back in the summer of '89 is the stuff of legends... We hadn't seen a blockbuster of this caliber since Star Wars, and we'll likely never see one that matches it again. Today's posting of various articles from a vintage edition of the entertainment newspaper Variety sheds a little more light and just how awesome Batman's presence was back in June of 1989...

 photo varietysmall1_zpsvbimdnn1.jpg

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Also included in this edition- "Batman: The Comic Connection"... A nice little article highlighting Batman's comic origins.

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And we finish things off with this 3 page ad from Warner touting the film's success. They had every right to brag.

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 photo varietysmall17_zpslhzwxfye.jpg