Friday, May 31, 2013

1992 Kenner Catalog
Batman Returns

Kenner released many catalogs over the years showcasing their products for retailers at Toy Fair. The Dark Knight Collection and Batman Returns lines featured heavily in these catalogs from 1990-1993. Today's post covers the debut of the Batman Returns line in the 1992 Kenner catalog. Most everything you see here made it to stores basically unchanged from these initial prototypes... With the notable exceptions being Bruce Wayne's funky turtleneck and the obviously kit-bashed Firebolt Batman.

 photo 92kenner1_zpsde2a4c4c.jpg

 photo 92kenner2_zps83bfd706.jpg

 photo 92kenner3_zps0b7481bb.jpg

 photo 92kenner4_zps28590bae.jpg

 photo 92kenner5_zps335e6055.jpg

 photo 92kenner6_zps70524eeb.jpg

 photo 92kenner7_zps9afb58aa.jpg

 photo 92kenner8_zps60ab75e8.jpg

 photo 92kenner9_zpsa351e1ac.jpg

 photo 92kenner10_zpsaeadb9d7.jpg

Video Feature:
"A Hero In Black" TV Spot
(Full Version)

The full version of the "Hero in Black" TV Spot that I posted previously. While the quality isn't as nice as the other upload (which can still be seen HERE), this one includes the first few seconds missing from the other.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Vintage Magazine Article:
"MAD Magazine"
September 1989

 photo mad1_zpsedb4138b.jpg

The "Battyman" parody from issue #289 of MAD magazine... I freely admit that this seemed a lot funnier when I was 11. :)

 photo mad2_zpsff3c5218.jpg

 photo mad3_zps1364781b.jpg

 photo mad4_zps39eb3f85.jpg

 photo mad5_zps505257e9.jpg

 photo mad6_zpscb3922fd.jpg

 photo mad7_zpsed46d431.jpg

 photo mad8_zps0928f279.jpg

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Video Feature:
Toy Biz Batman Movie Toys Commercial

Commercial for the Toy Biz Batman movie toy line. This commercial focuses on Batman, Joker, Bob the Goon, the Batmobile & Batwing vehicles, and the Batcave playset.

Video Feature:
Teaser Trailer

In order to silence the fears of both studio execs and fans, this trailer was hastily put together and sent to theaters to give a feel for what the 1989 Batman film would be like. It was an enormous success and moved anticipation for the film into a high gear. Videocassettes of the trailer became hot items at convention circuits, and many fans were buying tickets for movies just to see the trailer (and then promptly walking out when it was over). Though discussed at length in the Batman anthology DVD special features, this trailer is strangely nowhere to be found in that set or on the Blu-ray re-release.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

1991 Kenner Catalog
The Dark Knight Collection

Kenner released many catalogs over the years showcasing their products for retailers at Toy Fair. The Dark Knight Collection and Batman Returns lines featured heavily in these catalogs from 1990-1993. Today's post covers the Dark Knight Collection's second outing in the 1991 Kenner catalog. This year featured many items that wouldn't see release in the DKC line, including the Batcave, Batman's Street Jet, and the Jokermobile.

 photo 91ken1_zpse15e0525.jpg

 photo 91ken2_zps4ada16d1.jpg

 photo 91ken3_zps90b46bbe.jpg

 photo 91ken4_zps7a899864.jpg

 photo 91ken5_zps667342f5.jpg

 photo 91ken6_zps2831aaf9.jpg

 photo 91ken7_zps7dcfb5a1.jpg

 photo 91ken8_zps01719ece.jpg

 photo 91ken9_zpsc2d7ad42.jpg

 photo 91ken10_zpsdcddae09.jpg

 photo 91ken11_zpsc76b7814.jpg

 photo 91ken12_zps44f53c99.jpg

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Merchandise Preview:
Hot Toys DX14
Jack Nicholson Joker (Mime Version) 12" Figure

Hot Toys announced yesterday that a new Jack Nicholson Joker 12" figure is on the way... This time recreating his "Mime" look from the confrontation outside of Gotham City Hall!

 photo htjoker16_zpsf0eda70f.jpg

 photo htjoker17_zpsbc1f6d88.jpg

 photo htjoker1_zps6c9379c0.jpg

 photo htjoker2_zps366031bf.jpg

 photo htjoker3_zps9ad280a0.jpg

 photo htjoker4_zps88201b9c.jpg

 photo htjoker5_zpsbf8595ff.jpg

 photo htjoker6_zps42ee5840.jpg

 photo htjoker7_zpsadb0a085.jpg

 photo htjoker8_zps95d7aac3.jpg

 photo htjoker9_zpse177e58f.jpg

 photo htjoker10_zps4b5996a0.jpg

 photo htjoker11_zps6f634f97.jpg

 photo htjoker12_zps1d5b6dd8.jpg

 photo htjoker13_zps7c8d5781.jpg

 photo htjoker14_zps716c1c0d.jpg

 photo htjoker15_zpsf3ab2fa6.jpg

The figure is available for preorder now with an MSRP of $229.99 and a release slated for December 2013 (though don't bank on that with Hot Toys penchant for missing projected shipping dates). I've always had great experiences with Sideshow Collectibles... You can order it from them by clicking HERE.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Vintage Magazine Article:
"The Toy Book"
February 1992

 photo th1_zpsd468e5c7.jpg

The February 1992 issue of the toy industry magazine "The Toy Book" features 2 articles focusing on Kenner's Batman Returns line. The first bit is part of the Licensing Limelight section and details the retail strength of Batman Returns and... Steve Urkel!?!

 photo th2_zps84be824c.jpg

Batman Returns pops up again in this issue in an article highlighting Kenner's strong new licenses for the year: Batman Returns & Terminator (I just scanned the bits about Batman here).

 photo th3_zps2eee9cf0.jpg

 photo th4_zpsda49161f.jpg

 photo htwnew_zpsd9ebaf9b.jpg

 photo th5_zpsc0ceeddd.jpg

 photo th6_zps3352c683.jpg