Friday, January 31, 2014

Special Feature:
The New Batman Adventures Style Guide
Part 1- The Intro Pages

 photo tnba1_zpse984cad7.jpg

I recently had the opportunity to look through the original style guides created by DC Comics/ Warner Brothers for "Batman The Animated Series", "The New Batman Adventures", and "Batman & Robin". For those unfamiliar with what these are, style guides are created by copyright holders to assist licensees in maintaining a uniform look across all their tie-in merchandise. Companies would use the information and images shown here in the design of their product, creating a look that was uniform to its respective property. The style guides for these 3 particular works are LARGE and contain a hefty amount of visual reference.

Thanks to the current keeper of these guides, I have now begun the process of scanning each of these guides and archiving them here at While these aren't particularly related to the Burton films, each of the projects spun out from the world created in "Batman" & "Batman Returns", and with them not being available online anywhere else that I can find, I felt adding them here was worthwhile. The task will not be a quick one, as each guide is over 100+ pages long. As part of the agreement in hosting them, I also need to watermark each page (as inconspicuous as possible, as I ordinarily HATE watermarking stuff), so that too will add to the time in doing this. Since there will be a lot of time involved, and the guides themselves are broken into sections anyway, I figure the best way to go about this would be to post a section of each guide at a time until they are complete. I have already completed "Batman The Animated Series" (which you can check out in multiple parts HERE). Today begins "The New Batman Adventures", then we will finish up with "Batman & Robin".

Today's posting covers the 5 "introductory" pages to the "The New Batman Adventures" style guide. While there isn't a lot here to get too excited over, I hope you'll keep checking back for future installments in this process! There is a ton of great artwork here... stuff rarely seen by those outside the industry. :)

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Vintage Magazine Article:
"Inside Hollywood"
August 1992

What was it like for Michael Keaton heading into Batman Returns after spending a couple of years living in the "Shadow of the Bat"? Inside Hollywood has the answer to this and many other questions in this great interview from their August '92 issue...

 photo inside1_zps85335352.jpg

 photo inside2_zps99b22840.jpg

 photo inside3_zps6699566d.jpg

 photo inside5_zpsf3261823.jpg

 photo inside6_zpsc4ed52f1.jpg

 photo inside4_zpsa3e1a30b.jpg

It isn't all about the man behind the Bat in this issue though, as the magazine also includes this article on the Batman sequel itself, bursting with quotes from the film's producer Denise DiNovi...

 photo inside7_zps167f6677.jpg

 photo inside8_zps2254f120.jpg

 photo inside9_zpsfbae9913.jpg

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Merchandise Spotlight:
Tony Mei Custom Capes
For The Hot Toys DX09 Batman
2.0, 3.0, Deluxe, & Final Versions

 photo meigroup_zps0baae906.jpg

Interested in upgrading the cape on your Hot Toys DX09 Michael Keaton Batman 1/6th scale figure (previously spotlighted HERE)? Well, Tony Mei has made quite a few different wonderful custom capes to do just that! Check out the video below to see the differences in four of the versions he has made available, then keep on scrolling for a pictorial review of each. And to contact Tony about a cape, e-mail him here:

Video Spotlight:

Pictorial Review:

2.0 Version (Same material as the 1.0)-

 photo meitwo7_zps7bd33f0f.jpg

 photo meitwo6_zps9bc613a2.jpg

 photo meitwo5_zps2c3befc5.jpg

 photo meitwo4_zps91c21b05.jpg

 photo meitwo3_zps8e7c5be4.jpg

 photo meitwo2_zps8b938805.jpg

 photo meitwo1_zps5c49f5cc.jpg

3.0 Version-

 photo meithree7_zps031e531d.jpg

 photo meithree6_zps25669984.jpg

 photo meithree5_zpsd7fcd7be.jpg

 photo meithree4_zpsf6ec53e7.jpg

 photo meithree3_zps1596570f.jpg

 photo meithree2_zps2b6ad964.jpg

 photo meithree1_zpsce859a16.jpg

Deluxe "Battle" Version-

 photo meibattle10_zps40dcb14f.jpg

 photo meibattle9_zpsa221afa6.jpg

 photo meibattle8_zpse5c66aa3.jpg

 photo meibattle7_zps6dc599d0.jpg

 photo meibattle6_zps1b0a88e4.jpg

 photo meibattle5_zps27a45e78.jpg

 photo meibattle4_zps3d4617bf.jpg

 photo meibattle3_zps5181c5af.jpg

 photo meibattle2_zpseb0ec133.jpg

 photo meibattle1_zpse2296834.jpg

"Final" Version-

 photo meifinal10_zps2e2525f1.jpg

 photo meifinal9_zps48034838.jpg

 photo meifinal8_zpsfc35acca.jpg

 photo meifinal7_zps60f45954.jpg

 photo meifinal6_zps7607219e.jpg

 photo meifinal5_zpsee45a509.jpg

 photo meifinal4_zps7f3e9d6c.jpg

 photo meifinal2_zpsbfab8f0e.jpg

 photo meifinal1_zpsbc0384b3.jpg

 photo meifinal3_zps1f0973e4.jpg