Thursday, September 24, 2015

Vintage Magazine Article:
"Comics Scene"
Issue #27

This issue of Comics Scene gives us some thoughts on the Burton Bat-films from the creator of Batman's name, Bob Kane. Warning- If you can't really stomach Bob Kane's ego... This one may be a little tough to get through. :)

 photo cscene1_zpsnvdawpcd.jpg

 photo cscene2_zpszus3bcy7.jpg

 photo cscene3_zpsm6riz8ia.jpg

 photo cscene4_zpsa3yqqswp.jpg

 photo cscene5_zpsxoe52szf.jpg

 photo cscene6_zpsrd6wviio.jpg

 photo cscene7_zpsdqpgi3xr.jpg

 photo cscene8_zpsxhz3zziw.jpg

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Special Feature:
The New Batman Adventures Style Guide
Part 6- Graphic Designs

 photo tnba1_zpse984cad7.jpg

Part 6 of the "The New Batman Adventures" Style Guide (click HERE for Part 1 and the backstory on these guides) covers various graphic designs that Warner Bros approved for use on licensed merchandise (like t-shirts, notebooks, & lunchboxes)... Enjoy!

 photo tnbagraphic1_zpsqolwbfcq.jpg

 photo tnbagraphic2_zpsnn9lzylm.jpg

 photo tnbagraphic3_zps3w7oksqo.jpg

 photo tnbagraphic4_zpsmd2k9oit.jpg

 photo tnbagraphic5_zpsq84m0zcm.jpg

 photo tnbagraphic6_zpsoj8cumpr.jpg

 photo tnbagraphic7_zpsbp2l8oom.jpg

 photo tnbagraphic8_zps4heqbuhm.jpg

 photo tnbagraphic9_zps9zkizukp.jpg

 photo tnbagraphic10_zps5mq3tglg.jpg

 photo tnbagraphic11_zpsnfqxcscg.jpg

 photo tnbagraphic12_zpsc7iagmnc.jpg

 photo tnbagraphic13_zpshrzv4l0a.jpg

 photo tnbagraphic14_zpsckx4m8kj.jpg

 photo tnbagraphic15_zpsjkgw9cqi.jpg

 photo tnbagraphic16_zps31fska4z.jpg

 photo tnbagraphic17_zpsuwer3sgc.jpg

 photo tnbagraphic18_zpspizxbfvs.jpg

 photo tnbagraphic19_zpsvc7nu08r.jpg

Want to see more? Well, click HERE to go back to Part 5.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Robin Relics:
"Comic Shop News"
Issue #179

 photo robinrelics_zps36726389.jpg

This installment of "Robin Relics" brings you Issue #179 of Comic Shop News (the comic shop newspaper). Some great content here... We get a history of the Robin character, an explanation as to why Batman needs a sidekick, a look inside the new Robin costume, and even a little blurb about Tim Burton picking the suit!

 photo csnrobin1_zpskvyivduw.jpg

 photo csnrobin2_zpsolhxjr0l.jpg

 photo csnrobin3_zpsdkbku89i.jpg

 photo csnrobin4_zpszkjqzud6.jpg

 photo csnrobin5_zpsbxjzk25k.jpg

 photo csnrobin6_zpslkldnatz.jpg

 photo csnrobin7_zpsoujly9cd.jpg

 photo csnrobin8_zpsrmevmyc4.jpg

 photo csnrobin9_zpsfwzz3nxw.jpg

 photo csnrobin10_zpshilpothc.jpg

 photo csnrobin11_zps2oyhahfo.jpg

 photo csnrobin12_zpst6td20bg.jpg

 photo csnrobin13_zpspmnkjwrl.jpg

 photo csnrobin14_zpsn108ykfp.jpg

Also included in this issue is this brief snippet about Entertainment Tonight running a story on the new Robin. I vividly remember watching this segment when it aired. If anyone happens to have a copy of this, PLEASE e-mail me at as I would LOVE to see it again!

 photo csnrobin15_zpsuo1jydwm.jpg

As a side note... I just want to point out that the Kenner Batman Returns Robin figure looks VERY similar to the Robin art used in this article (drawn by Tom Lyle). Many folks have speculated for years that the head sculpt used on that figure was an early take on Marlon Wayans (who was originally set to play Robin in Batman Returns) due to the box-style haircut. I have never held much stock in that idea. I always felt the hair was just a result of Kenner trying to translate Robin's high, spiky hair to plastic while being limited to what they could pull off in the manufacturing process. This comparison of the art with that head sculpt shows that Kenner's effort is indeed a VERY close match to Lyle's interpretation...

 photo csnrobincomp_zpspbhqaadb.jpg

Special Feature:
"Man Of Mystery"
Michael Keaton As Bruce Wayne
Portrait By Dennis Baptiste

"Bruce... Wayne, n'est-ce pas?"

"Most of the time."

An absolutely incredible piece called "Man of Mystery" from my friend Dennis Baptiste! To check out more of his outstanding work, head over to his instagram HERE or at Facebook HERE.

 photo wmwaynethumb_zpso1bo3geq.jpeg

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Special Feature:
DC Comics
1991 Batman Style Guide

While not exactly Burton Batman related, I felt this 1991 DC Comics Batman Style Guide (much like the Batman Animated Style Guides) made a fitting addition to the site. Batman '89 was quite influential on the look and feel of Batman comics, so seeing what DC deemed as the definitive licensed look for the character in a post-Burton Batman world is pretty interesting (at least in my opinion). Enjoy!

 photo batmancomicsg1_zps1ngtfpa9.jpg

 photo batmancomicsg2_zpsal19iw3c.jpg

 photo batmancomicsg3_zpsbvgvfnfa.jpg

 photo batmancomicsg4_zpsvheshn14.jpg

 photo batmancomicsg5_zpsif0xlzsw.jpg

 photo batmancomicsg6_zpsf36ps6ss.jpg

 photo batmancomicsg7_zps6ds3wxwk.jpg

 photo batmancomicsg8_zpss8sy6aar.jpg

 photo batmancomicsg9_zpsjqqil8rc.jpg

 photo batmancomicsg10_zpsmlfesyva.jpg

 photo batmancomicsg11_zpsfhjznukx.jpg

 photo batmancomicsg12_zps117uowgk.jpg

 photo batmancomicsg13_zps7zokffoi.jpg

 photo batmancomicsg14_zps8swirbmt.jpg

 photo batmancomicsg15_zps6uzc3nwq.jpg

 photo batmancomicsg16_zpsufm2yf0l.jpg

 photo batmancomicsg17_zpswynsbhz2.jpg

 photo batmancomicsg18_zpszsndilnm.jpg

 photo batmancomicsg19_zps3iayfyjs.jpg

 photo batmancomicsg20_zpspaxlccqb.jpg

 photo batmancomicsg21_zpshwqaxkjo.jpg

 photo batmancomicsg22_zps66n8lxgo.jpg

 photo batmancomicsg23_zpsgsgmbdzo.jpg

 photo batmancomicsg24_zpsq8zgdqjg.jpg

 photo batmancomicsg25_zpstlljovde.jpg

 photo batmancomicsg26_zpsokqmqwgw.jpg