Monday, September 30, 2013

Vintage Newspaper Clipping:
Santa Cruz Sentinel
"Despite The Hype, Batman Soars..."
June 30, 1989

This write-up from the June 30, 1989 edition of the Santa Cruz Sentinel offers one of the most understanding reviews of the film that I have ever read. No silly biffs, bams, or pows, as writer Tom Long really seems to "get" what the movie set out to do. And his opening words- "This will go down in the annals of film history as the year that Batman was released" -were appropriately prophetic; I truly cannot think of 1989 without immediately connecting it to Batman.

 photo article1_zps142ed88d.jpg

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Vintage Newspaper Clipping:
Salinas Californian
"Nicholson Expected To Become Richer..."
July 17, 1989

This small blurb from the July 17, 1989 edition of the Salinas Californian not only explores Nicholson's hefty merchandising deal for Batman, but also dishes some dirt on a possible Basinger/ Prince romance! Scandalous...

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Special Feature:
Batman The Animated Series Style Guide
Part 3- The Backgrounds

 photo wb1_zpsdc3b4b94.jpg

Part 3 of the "Batman The Animated Series" Stye Guide (click HERE for Part 1 and the backstory on these guides) is devoted to the highly stylized backgrounds that peppered the show; From main locations like the Batcave, to oddball places like "Humungo Video"....

 photo sg67_zpsd8b004c7.jpg

 photo sg68_zps3e834eec.jpg

 photo sg69_zps5c4257a8.jpg

 photo sg70_zpsf9f81667.jpg

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 photo sg72_zpsd61bf3b4.jpg

 photo sg73_zpsecae854d.jpg

 photo sg74_zpsf208af02.jpg

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 photo sg77_zps0c3a0969.jpg

 photo sg78_zps5a326055.jpg

 photo sg79_zpsaac958d7.jpg

 photo sg80_zps7f194a10.jpg

Want to see more? Well, click HERE to go back to Part 2, or click HERE to move on to Part 4. :)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Vintage Magazine Article:
"Starlog" October 1992

These 3 articles from issue #183 of Starlog magazine highlight the actors that brought life to the baddies of Batman Returns: Danny DeVito, Michelle Pfeiffer, & Christopher Walken!

 photo slogbr1_zpsde9f2f28.jpg

 photo slogbr2_zpsd7538c60.jpg

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