Thursday, November 20, 2014

Special Feature:
The New Batman Adventures Style Guide
Part 4- The Backgrounds

 photo tnba1_zpse984cad7.jpg

Part 4 of the "The New Batman Adventures" Style Guide (click HERE for Part 1 and the backstory on these guides) is devoted to reference artwork for the various location backgrounds of Gotham City... Enjoy!

 photo 67_zps7cb83570.jpg

 photo 68_zps6c5d3cfb.jpg

 photo 69_zps90303153.jpg

 photo 70_zps91e37801.jpg

 photo 71_zps4a412414.jpg

 photo 72_zps3055361b.jpg

 photo 73_zpsa5c6f23e.jpg

 photo 74_zpsfa47359f.jpg

 photo 75_zpsaaed3011.jpg

 photo 76_zps4fc085ab.jpg

 photo 77_zpsae5efae6.jpg

Want to see more? Well, click HERE to go back to Part 3.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Special Feature:
The Batman 1989 Production Still Gallery
Part 8- Jack, Joker, & The Goons

Fellow fan Thorsten Lehmann and I recently acquired a rather large collection of fantastic imagery created during the filming of Batman '89. Much of this imagery consists of still photography created for publicizing the film. These images appeared in trade articles, merchandise like the Topps card set & movie souvenir magazine, and in video packages like the Warner Preview video. Some images from the collection you may have seen before (perhaps not with such clarity), while others appear to be unpublished up to this point. :)

Since there are a LARGE number of images, I thought it best to break them down into related sections. Today's post features images of Jack Napier, the Joker, and the ever-faithful Goons. :) Enjoy!

 photo jack7_zps7d925db7.jpg

 photo jack5_zps29a37ef1.jpg

 photo jack4_zpsaf9c28d9.jpg

 photo jack6_zpsd0e1f631.jpg

 photo jack8_zps07c1ee55.jpg

 photo jack2_zps18309135.jpg

 photo jack3_zps631f6c9c.jpg

 photo jackmob1_zps93fd763a.jpg

 photo jokeraxis1_zpsab56a290.jpg

 photo jokergrissom2_zps0ac71f93.jpg

 photo jokergrissom1_zps26224ac5.jpg

 photo jokermob1_zps5bafdf6b.jpg

 photo jokermob2_zps35faf584.jpg

 photo jokermob3_zpsa9dc8847.jpg

 photo bob4_zps137371e7.jpg

 photo bob5_zpsf9a338de.jpg

 photo bob6_zpsfea365a1.jpg

 photo jokermime3_zps1f20bd29.jpg

 photo jokermime1_zps981ef889.jpg

 photo jokermime4_zps5d3ba2bf.jpg

 photo jokermime2_zpsf6e1a6b1.jpg

 photo jokerlair3_zps68109da7.jpg

 photo jokerlair4_zps0c8dceef.jpg

 photo jokerlair5_zps66ae8030.jpg

 photo bob2_zpsf447e323.jpg

 photo jokercommercial1_zps8f2cd8b2.jpg

 photo goonlogo1_zpse8f2544c.jpg

 photo goonlogo2_zps7e07224c.jpg

 photo goonmuseum1_zpscc964125.jpg

 photo goonmuseum2_zpsc6d42136.jpg

 photo goonmuseum3_zpsf759eb54.jpg

 photo goonmuseum4_zpsbfe10b0b.jpg

 photo goonmuseum5_zpsb0d9a6f5.jpg

 photo goonmuseum6_zps45f46ff1.jpg

 photo goonmuseum7_zps22ed6ccb.jpg

 photo goonmuseum9_zps1100c147.jpg

 photo goonmuseum8_zps07bc3eeb.jpg

 photo jokermuseum1_zps888b42de.jpg

 photo jokermuseum3_zps8d82474e.jpg

 photo jokermuseum4_zps1981516d.jpg

 photo jokermuseum2_zps647f0d86.jpg

 photo gooncar1_zpsb49f5253.jpg

 photo goonvan1_zps460e2838.jpg

 photo goonvan2_zps9b25e55d.jpg

 photo bob1_zps78761c3a.jpg

 photo jokerlair1_zpscaba56c8.jpg

 photo jokerlair2_zps17913597.jpg

 photo jokerapartment1_zps7268f0f7.jpg

 photo jokerinterruption1_zps26b8780f.jpg

 photo goonsaxis1_zps7a96059c.jpg

 photo jokerparade1_zpsf20b7621.jpg

 photo jokerparade12_zps7a97a7e4.jpg

 photo jokerparade4_zps1c53382c.jpg

 photo jokerparade7_zps9fde2b12.jpg

 photo jokerparade6_zpsc4cf62a5.jpg

 photo jokerparade2_zps7cd73d60.jpg

 photo jokerparade9_zps2a466e78.jpg

 photo jokerparade10_zps194d8191.jpg

 photo jokerparade3_zps0da0f167.jpg

 photo goonparade1_zps8320b934.jpg

 photo jokerparade5_zps24d6b6a9.jpg

 photo jokerparade11_zps4776a7c1.jpg

 photo jokerparade8_zpsd15855c5.jpg

 photo jokercathedral5_zpse9b42e48.jpg

 photo jokercathedral3_zps3d38fb5a.jpg

 photo gooncathedralflip1_zpsadea9fc6.jpg

 photo gooncathedralflip2_zps24c1d1bb.jpg

 photo gooncathedral2_zps7b151f2a.jpg

 photo gooncathedral3_zps47cacff9.jpg

 photo gooncathedral1_zps3a26ac66.jpg

 photo jokercathedral2_zps896da8a3.jpg

 photo jokercathedral6_zps4fd4c5a6.jpg

 photo jokercathedral7_zps23001932.jpg

 photo jokercathedral1_zpse89845b5.jpg