Thursday, August 21, 2014

Vintage Magazine Article:
"Film Monthly"
May 1990

Even almost a year after its release, the Batman film was still being viewed as a way to move merchandise. Case in point- This May 1990 issue of Film Monthly. Sure, the focus of the written portion of the article is on Jack Nicholson's upcoming projects... but that didn't stop the publishers from selling it with pictures of Jack Napier, Joker, & Keaton's Batman. There is even a snippet with Batman factoids and a contest to win a Batman VHS. 1 year later... and Batmania was still much alive.

 photo film1_zps8d157f37.jpg

 photo film2_zps9e752329.jpg

 photo film3_zps7345a409.jpg

 photo film4_zps1eb661a2.jpg

 photo film5_zps74988aed.jpg

 photo film6_zpsabf420e7.jpg

 photo film7_zps15bede77.jpg

Friday, August 15, 2014

Vintage Magazine Article:
"Motor Trend"
July 1989

Ladies & Gentleman, allow me to present the only car magazine I have ever purchased. :) This issue of Motor Trend magazine features a fun little article on the Batman '89 Batmobile. Presented at first as a piece on a real car being designed for an American businessman named "Mr. Wayne", the article finishes off with some legitimate info from the car's proud papas: Anton Furst, Terry Ackland-Snow, & John Evans. Enjoy!

 photo motortrend1_zpsc4f288c4.jpg

 photo motortrend2_zps24f06472.jpg

 photo motortrend3_zpsfdd62fd1.jpg

 photo motortrend4_zps15206f2f.jpg

 photo motortrend_zpsa9c23f87.jpg

Oh...and for you 60's Bat-fans, I am also included this brief segment on the Barris Batmobile also featured in this issue:

 photo motortrend6_zps5b99f7b9.jpg

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Merchandise Spotlight:
Warner Bros. Catalog
1990 Winter Edition

Time to stuff those Bat-stockings! While the Winter 1990 Edition of Warner Brothers' catalog wasn't all the different from the 1989 Holiday version (previously posted HERE), there are a couple of changes that I figure make it worth posting. There is of course the new cover, and a new page highlighting the AWESOME NES video game (check out that cool image of Batman in front of his 8-Bit displays!). We also get a sold-out notation for the bronze Batman sculpture from Kent Melton (which quickly ran through its 250 pieces). Just as in previous entries, I've only included the Batman related pages in this posting... since that is all that really matters, isn't it? :)

 photo warner1990catalog1_zps1ac9ebd4.jpg

 photo warner1990catalog2_zpsdc0166e0.jpg

 photo warner1990catalog3_zps3dc0847b.jpg

 photo warner1990catalog4_zps30ff75b6.jpg

 photo warner1990catalog5_zpsa4e35fd1.jpg

 photo warner1990catalog6_zps6f24a643.jpg

 photo warner1990catalog7_zps8a39afdd.jpg

 photo warner1990catalog8_zps636d80ed.jpg

 photo warner1990catalog9_zpse7640809.jpg

 photo warner1990catalog10_zps94eea8f4.jpg

 photo warner1990catalog11_zps5fff888a.jpg

 photo warner1990catalog12_zps90154f91.jpg

Friday, August 8, 2014

Special Feature:
Warners Brothers Studio Tour
Batman 75th Anniversary Exhibit-
The Costumes

My longtime friend (and owner of the best comic book shops in the Cincinnati area, Queen City Comics) Geoff Hoffman recently got a chance to visit the Batman 75th Anniversary Exhibit as part of the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in LA. The exhibit features tons of items from the Batman film franchise- Including of course the 2 best installments, Batman & Batman Returns! :) Geoff was kind enough to take pictures of the exhibit for me to share here at the site. Thanks Geoff! Presented here are shots of the Burton-centric costumes on display, as well as a few shots of costumes from Batman Forever (since I do enjoy Carrey's Riddler and the Robin suit from the film).

 photo batman75th3_zpsde1a8066.jpg

 photo batman75th2_zpsd92d6abc.jpg

 photo batman75th4_zps13b4c8c2.jpg

 photo batman75th1_zps941460c5.jpg

 photo batman75th7_zps74c1b2fa.jpg

 photo batman75th9_zps3f7e4ddd.jpg

 photo batman75th8_zpsb8b01911.jpg

 photo batman75th6_zpsb9ade058.jpg

 photo batman75th5_zpsff343932.jpg

Youtube Review Channel Update
& Batman Watch Giveaway Contest!

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