Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Video Feature:
"Saturday Night At The Movies"
Pinewood Studios Gotham City Set Visit

A very special clip courtesy of the awesome VHiStory Blog! The inaugural episode of "Saturday Night at the Movies" featured a young Tony Slattery (of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" fame) strolling through the derelict Gotham City set at Pinewood Studios. Sure, most of what he says is about other films and is not Batman related (outside of a few crazy rumors about Batman 2 and release dates for the VHS)... but man- Look at that set! Truly a wonder to behold.

A huge thanks once again to VHiStory for providing this wonderful video!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Video Feature:
KCTV Interview-
Kim Basinger

Another great vintage interview from KCTV! Recorded during a mini-marathon of promotional interviews for the film, these segments were hosted by John C. Tibbetts of KCTV. It is interesting to hear Basinger's southern accent come through so strongly in these press interviews. She did a fine job of hiding that in the film...

Monday, April 14, 2014

Video Feature:
KCTV Interview-
Tim Burton & Michael Keaton

Recorded during a mini-marathon of promotional interviews for the film, this segment is hosted by John C. Tibbetts of KCTV. The dynamic duo's future was so bright, they had to wear shades...

Friday, April 11, 2014

Merchandise Spotlight:
"Batman Bucks"
Video Retailer Incentive Program Kit

"The hottest currency circulating..." The hype machine was in full swing leading up to the June 23, 1989 premiere of Batman. The anticipation for the film was so strong that Warner felt it could be used to strengthen the performances of its other endeavors. In an effort to boost the sales of upcoming VHS releases in their film catalog, Warner Home Video created the "Batman Bucks" incentive program. For each VHS copy purchased by a retailer as store stock, the retailer would receive one "Batman Buck" which could be collected and spent on items featured in the "Batman Bucks" catalog. Just what was available in the "Batman Bucks" catalog? Batman merchandise of course! Everything from hats to playing cards to the Batmobile toy could be purchased by sending in your "bucks" stickers. Yeah, maybe your store didn't really need 216 copies of Police Academy VI... but how else were you going to get that sweet Batman Denim Jacket? With cash? That is for losers...

All the details for the promotion are featured in this rarely seen announcement kit (which included 4 Batman Bucks to get you started). My favorite part is the catalog itself, which features a cut-out of Batman's torso that pops up at the top when it is unfolded. :)

 photo bigbatmanbucks2thumb_zps52a3c233.jpg

 photo bbucks4_zps66891bde.jpg

 photo bbucks5_zpsa22f2a41.jpg

 photo bbucks6_zps5dd27e5b.jpg

 photo bbucks7_zps97260aca.jpg

 photo bbucks8_zps172bf72b.jpg

 photo bigbatmanbucksthumb_zpscf989273.jpg

 photo bbucks1_zps81492063.jpg

 photo bbucks2_zps6c91f002.jpg

 photo bbucks3_zpsadcc54b3.jpg

 photo bbucks9_zps80bd49db.jpg

 photo bbucks10_zpsb5dd2a15.jpg

 photo bbucks11_zps716c15d6.jpg

 photo bbucks12_zpsa41b7838.jpg