Thursday, August 27, 2015

Vintage Magazine Article:
"Starlog Yearbook"
Vol. 10, September 1992

This article from the '92 Starlog Yearbook focuses on the man behind the music- Danny Elfman. Give it a read to find out how Elfman was convinced to return to Gotham City for the caped crusader's second film outing, how Batman Returns differed from Batman musically, and the composer's thoughts on some of his other famous film scores.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Special Feature:
Warner Brothers Batman '89
Licensing Concept Art

In order to maintain a consistent look across different forms of merchandising, a company will often create art internally for licensees to use on their products. Today's post showcases many of the licensing concepts Warner explored for Batman. These images would have been used on things like T-shirts, notebooks, trading cards, and stickers.

A quick note about the watermarks- As you can see, I went a bit heavier with the watermarking on these images than I usually do here at the site. Unfortunately, the theft of exclusively shared images, removal of watermarks, and unauthorized re-posting that is occurring at places like the Batman Anthology Wiki has forced this. If the same thing happens with these images, it will mean less and less sharing here at the page. I urge you as fans to please be considerate of the deals in place that allow me to host these images here, and to take a stand against the places that ignore it. Stealing doesn't help any of us.

 photo concept1_zpsuz5rnvym.jpg

 photo concept2_zpspjrwfuv8.jpg

 photo concept3_zpsz2o0yflz.jpg

 photo concept4_zpsinypwv1d.jpg

 photo concept5_zpsrs0xwaep.jpg

 photo concept6_zpsc03qqkom.jpg

 photo concept7_zpstbrmpbf2.jpg

 photo concept8_zps5mn0xoub.jpg

 photo concept9_zps6jrqgxgn.jpg

 photo concept10_zpspeuxjvi3.jpg

 photo concept11_zpszp1bgjcb.jpg

 photo concept12_zpskmi6xz3l.jpg

 photo concept13_zps8e0gbzxy.jpg

 photo concept14_zps2b9wmtfx.jpg

 photo concept15_zpsvhjk6ar9.jpg

 photo concept16_zpsowhlanlu.jpg

 photo concept17_zpsqjhfwa0x.jpg

 photo concept18_zpsb96ka9ag.jpg

 photo concept19_zpswvkt2zyl.jpg

 photo concept20_zpsu6humdk0.jpg

 photo concept21_zpsxngrgtq0.jpg