Thursday, June 26, 2014

Special Feature:
The Newspaper Advertising Campaign
For Batman's Theatrical Run

Another new feature to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Tim Burton's Batman! When Batman hit theaters back in 1989, there were no such things as, Fandango, or Google to find which of your local cinemas might be showing the film. Nope- If you wanted to know when and where to see a new movie back then, your best bet was perusing the Entertainment section of your local newspaper. I have no clue if this is still the case (as I haven't looked through an actual newspaper in years), but back when I grew up, the paper was our number one source for movie theater info.

I loved checking out all the ads for current films back then. Judging which were going to be the "big films" by the size of their ad, cutting out my favorites & sticking them to my wall, and monitoring which flick's dwindling advertisement space would indicate its imminent arrival at the cheapy theaters. Ah, memories...

Of course with it being one of the biggest box office films of all-time, Batman had quite an extensive array of print ads during its theatrical run; From the tiny 1" x 1" column blurb to the full blown broadsheet. Presented here today is an archive of those ads, each one reproduced from original ad slicks to offer the best quality possible. Enjoy!

 photo webad101_zps27702e3c.jpg

 photo webad102_zps4433d136.jpg

 photo webad103_zpsb6da889d.jpg

 photo webad104_zps77c3c91d.jpg

 photo 4357604f-cd4c-482c-be1d-474052c7c170_zps9e9d843a.jpg

 photo webad102b_zps1a8bb657.jpg

 photo webad103b_zps2e0e161a.jpg

 photo webad104b_zps3892d6c3.jpg

 photo webad201_zpsd648f1e0.jpg

 photo webad202_zpsa7d5b1a0.jpg

 photo webad203_zps67d5157d.jpg

 photo webad204_zps8a188cd6.jpg

 photo webad205_zps7769e24c.jpg

 photo webad206_zpsf4698ffb.jpg

 photo webad207_zps4e359517.jpg

 photo webad208_zps5c053a0a.jpg

 photo webad201b_zpsa3c145bf.jpg

 photo webad202b_zps5dae9c45.jpg

 photo webad203b_zpsd8a2f2c2.jpg

 photo webad204b_zpsf1463a09.jpg

 photo webad205b_zps48db0f07.jpg

 photo webad206b_zps224e8b6b.jpg

 photo webad207b_zpse652869d.jpg

 photo webad301_zpsdc86612b.jpg

 photo webad303_zpsd5ba6a1e.jpg

 photo webad301b_zps483f4c6f.jpg

 photo webad302b_zps2f69364b.jpg

 photo webad501_zps3431a146.jpg

 photo webad503_zpsc0c36c10.jpg

 photo webad601_zps08a08e8c.jpg

 photo webad602_zps0b3be4cf.jpg

 photo webadfullpagebroadsheet_zps5579bffc.jpg

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Batman 1989 25th Anniversary
"I'm Batman" Fan Compilation Video!

Happy 25th Anniversary to Tim Burton's Batman! 25 years ago today, Batman opened at theaters nationwide. We have been celebrating all year long at, but we also asked all of you out there to get involved too! Fans all over the world submitted videos of their best Michael Keaton "I'm Batman" impersonations... and now here they are!

A heartfelt thanks to all the folks that took time to send in their videos... and a very happy anniversary to Batman '89!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Batman Returns
Japanese Movie Program Book

Batman Returns is 22 years old today! To celebrate, here is another new feature for you guys to check it out... Just like they did for Batman back in '89, theaters in Japan offered this beautiful program book for the release of Batman Returns. While I have no idea what the text says (anyone care to translate?), the imagery is absolutely breathtaking and must have been quite a treat for theater patrons- Both before and after viewing the movie. Enjoy!

 photo brprogram1_zpsaa1f5b1d.jpg

 photo brprogram2_zpsbf8ed875.jpg

 photo brprogram3_zps89206ace.jpg

 photo brprogram4_zps79cd279e.jpg

 photo brprogram5_zps00f14d3f.jpg

 photo brprogram6_zpscb0cc005.jpg

 photo brprogram7_zps4a70429e.jpg

 photo brprogram8_zps6f3b5520.jpg

 photo brprogram9_zps1d71ccb1.jpg

 photo brprogram10_zpsae5edf0f.jpg

 photo brprogram11_zpsaab3d471.jpg

 photo brprogram12_zpse4740540.jpg

 photo brprogram13_zps777f6e48.jpg

 photo brprogram14_zps7a502755.jpg

 photo brprogram15_zps94a296f9.jpg

 photo brprogram16_zpsdb30a2ab.jpg

 photo brprogram17_zpsbed67730.jpg

 photo brprogram18_zps0a6cf34f.jpg

 photo brprogram19_zps8429dc5f.jpg

 photo brprogram20_zps6c79ecec.jpg

 photo brprogram21_zpsf7ba3aa8.jpg

 photo brprogram22_zps5e9db518.jpg

 photo brprogram23_zps7b58c0e1.jpg

 photo brprogram24_zps4277f6fd.jpg

 photo brprogram25_zpsa83cce3d.jpg

 photo brprogram26_zpsc45eae3c.jpg

 photo brprogram27_zpsbf77f76f.jpg

 photo brprogram28_zpsc6b947d0.jpg

 photo brprogram29_zps749c7235.jpg

 photo brprogram30_zps8cf892e9.jpg

 photo brprogram31_zps287cb579.jpg

 photo brprogram32_zps4e70f27b.jpg