Monday, June 24, 2013

Vintage Newspaper Clipping:
Santa Cruz Sentinel
August 24, 1989

For those who weren't around for "Batmania" '89, I present this clipping from the August 24, 1989 edition of the Santa Cruz Sentinel as evidence for just how crazy people were for all things Batman. The "Bat-coiff" was quite the popular hairdo back then... Had my mom gone for it, I probably would have done it myself. :)

 photo batcoiff_zps382c7c85.jpg

Thursday, June 20, 2013

1990 Kenner Action Toy Guide

 photo 90guide2_zpsaadfb17b.jpg

The 1990 edition of Kenner's "Action Toy Guide" catalogs came in two varieties. The version pictured above (from late 1990) features the initial items released in the Batman Dark Knight Collection. The version pictured below (released in early 1990) has a similar cover, but does not include anything from the line.

 photo 90guide1_zpsea22d504.jpg

The Batman Dark Knight Collection items are featured in the first 4 pages of the guide. The first 2-page spread covers the initial figures and vehicles, while the second spread focuses on the role play items.

 photo 90guide3_zps54669643.jpg

 photo 90guide4_zps67ddff09.jpg

 photo 90guide5_zps5cd4b620.jpg

 photo 90guide6_zpsca2d826a.jpg

Special Feature:
Showing My Son The Film For The First Time...

After waiting almost 11 years to show it to him, my oldest son Blaze finally got to watch the 1989 Batman film yesterday! This video shows his reaction to the surprise viewing, my reasons for waiting for him to be this age, and his initial thoughts after viewing it. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Vintage Newspaper Clipping:
San Jose Mercury News
"Can A Betelgeuse Become A Batman?"
September 13, 1988

A window into the past! When Michael Keaton was first announced as portraying the caped crusader, many fans were up in arms. This article from way back in September of 1988 (shortly after the Keaton casting announcement) highlights the worries of many fans and gives thoughts as to how Keaton might work in the role.

 photo batarticle1_zpsb4f0caec.jpg

 photo batarticle2_zps1e35b2dd.jpg

 photo batarticle4_zps1bc6ade3.jpg

 photo batarticle3a_zps8cb22a05.jpg

 photo batarticle3b_zpsf837c8ef.jpg