Thursday, June 23, 2022

Happy 33rd Anniversary Batman!
(And A Sad Farewell To Facebook...)

Today is the 33rd Anniversary of my favorite film of all-time... Batman! It is still as fresh and fun to me as it was all those years ago. :)

On a sad note, 3 months ago Facebook made some kind of error and unpublished all of my existing fan pages. This included the 1989 Batman fan page. While almost all of the pages were easily republished, the Batman page would not. I tried every action possible to bring the page back, but nothing worked. This was pretty disheartening, as the page took a lot of man hours (and even some advertising dollars) to reach the status it had (with over 14K followers). Facebook makes it incredibly difficult to reach an actual customer service person, so I spent countless hours researching any way I could to get their attention to reverse this error. No avail.

Exactly 3 months after they unpublished it, the page was fully deleted. All the work. All the posts. All the community built. Gone. No communication, no explanation. Just. Gone.

So where do I go from here? Well, this website will still exist. And while I may not post as frequently as I might like, it will continue to be updated. They can't take this from me- I own it. But as for the Facebook segment... I just don't know. A sliver of hope remains that they will somehow respond and fix the error- but I doubt it. And I am not starting over. So that portion may just disappear.

If you do want to stay updated there, I plan on linking posts at a different Facebook page... One I created for me "all-encompassing pop culture" podcast and blog: Action Features

Hope to see you all there. Thanks for sticking with the page all these years!