Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Special Feature:
Burton Batman Halloween!

Figured you guys might enjoy seeing a few pictures of my boys' Halloween costumes this year! My oldest son Blaze asked if he could go as Batman this go-round... but not just any Batman. He specifically requested "Michael Keaton's Batman as seen in Batman Returns". I have constructed homemade costumes before when my boys make an obscure Halloween request... But doing a Burton Batman suit? That sounded tough. But hey- If your kid is cool enough to ask for a Keaton Bat-suit over 20 years after the film debuted... Well that is a request that is just too darned awesome to pass up on.

I thankfully found a deluxe child-size Batman Returns style cowl on eBay, but everything else on the suit is homemade. While I know it isn't anywhere near the level of detail usually reached by the cosplay community, it knocked my junior Bat-fan's socks off. Seeing him pulling his best Keaton Batman poses and spouting out lines from the films was quite a kick for me...

 photo batpair4_zps9e44dbc3.jpg

...and of course my younger son Keaton wanted in on the action too. He requested Nightwing (he prefers this incarnation of Dick Grayson to Robin). Since Blaze was already in a look from Batman Returns, I decided to make the Nightwing suit in the same vein. So here we have Nightwing as if the character appeared in "Batman Returns"

 photo batpair5_zpse076cd2e.jpg

I am a pretty lucky guy to have such awesome kids. :) I'd much rather go trick-or-treating with Burton-ized Batman and Nightwing than with a Pokemon or a toddler-sized John Cena.

 photo batpair6_zpsbe17ca46.jpg

Vintage Newspaper Clipping:
Salinas Californian
"Cast & Effects Put Wind In Hero's Cape..."
June 21, 1989

Another positive review from the June 21 1989 installment of the Salinas Californian (just a couple of days before the film hit theaters nationwide)! The opening paragraph really nails it: "The hype is not overblown- and the casting controversies are blown away."

 photo article1_zpsfaad750a.jpg

Monday, October 28, 2013

Video Feature:
"Wrap Up The Holidays"
Batman VHS Commercial

"Batman" was released on VHS just over 4 months after its theatrical debut (with many theaters still showing it at the time of the tape's release). Warner banked on consumers viewing Batman video cassettes as being great holiday gifts and wanted to maximize their profits during the holiday season. This commercial seems to illustrate this sales tactic heavier than any of the others...

Friday, October 25, 2013

Merchandise/ Vintage Magazine Article:
Batman- The Official Movie Souvenir Magazine

This is a post I have looked forward to doing since I started the site. The Official Batman Movie Souvenir Magazine from Topps ranks VERY high on my list of all-time favorite Batman movie merchandise. Overloaded with content, this is one publication that absolutely NO fan of the movie should be without. This issue has it all: Over 130 photos, the full movie story, behind-the-scenes secrets, a look at Batman collecting, a pin-up... and all for the low, low price of $2.95. And if you'll permit me to get a little sentimental for a moment, I'd like to describe just how much this inexpensive little magazine meant to me as a kid....

 photo mmold_zpseed08721.jpg

That is my original copy up there. You can tell a lot about how much you enjoyed something as a child by the state it is in when you look back it as an adult. :) I can remember the exact day my parents bought this for me. My father's work was taking part in a marathon run around town. Employees and their families were asked to be "station crew"; Basically manning a table of refreshments and checking in each runner as they passed. Knowing it would be an all-day event, my parents made a stop by the local convenience store so that my sister and I could pick up a book to help occupy our minds during our time at the table. Perusing the magazine section, my eyes caught a glimpse of Keaton's Batman. Even though I had not seen the film at this point, my excitement (like many adolescent boys in '89) was at a fever pitch. It was a no-brainer... I snagged the movie mag as quick as I could and lopped it into the awaiting hand cart. Even the time between checkout and the car seemed like hours. I absolutely couldn't wait to peek into that magazine. That day (and MANY others after) was spent with my nose firmly planted in it, burning every detail into my memory. Even after seeing the movie in theaters, this publication was my constant companion. At a time before digital copies on iPods and DVD players in cars, movie magazines were one of the only means of "taking the movie with you".

All those memories... for $2.95. Amazing. I have since bought multiple copies of this mag over the years, one of which I have scanned and presented here in its entirety. I hope you enjoy it... I only ask that if you do see a copy of this somewhere and the price is right, that you please go ahead and pick it up. A magazine like this deserves to be freed from those back-issue bins. :)

 photo mm1_zps042adb7a.jpg

 photo mm2_zpsb4c3c3de.jpg

 photo mm3_zps85894677.jpg

 photo mm4_zps7d9dd018.jpg

 photo mm5_zps45f6cc51.jpg

 photo mm6_zps95c0bdd5.jpg

 photo mm7_zps742d2fd5.jpg

 photo mm8_zpsd2a4f0c1.jpg

 photo mm9_zps92c3dfb1.jpg

 photo mm10_zpsf3fbec0a.jpg

 photo mm11_zpsfa0912dc.jpg

 photo mm12_zpsdd24f8cd.jpg

 photo mm13_zps3c0e4b25.jpg

 photo mm14_zps15bbaa42.jpg

 photo mm15_zps05f88918.jpg

 photo mm16_zps060d3af6.jpg

 photo mm17_zps49df018e.jpg

 photo mm18_zps464f633a.jpg

 photo mm19_zps26aca148.jpg

 photo mm20_zpscfebe5f8.jpg

 photo mm21_zpsacdeb3d8.jpg

 photo mm22_zpsbddeeb44.jpg

 photo mm23_zps44e075a0.jpg

 photo mm24_zps327e7180.jpg

 photo mm25_zpsdfac1c0e.jpg

 photo mm26_zps0fb99f91.jpg

 photo mm27_zps1a9cf81d.jpg

 photo mm28_zpsc80c1ddc.jpg

 photo mm29_zpsb2b65151.jpg

 photo mm30_zpsdadc8f30.jpg

 photo mm31_zps856519ba.jpg

 photo mm32_zps776083bf.jpg

 photo mm34_zpsa5b5b63c.jpg

 photo mm33_zps5eedd1e0.jpg

 photo mm35_zps9b37645c.jpg

 photo mm36_zps80b14718.jpg

 photo mm37_zpsd17364dc.jpg

 photo mm38_zps7b6d4c79.jpg

 photo mm39_zpsd5728192.jpg

 photo mm40_zpsc3a0326f.jpg

 photo mm41_zps1edf3891.jpg

 photo mm42_zps9122d790.jpg

 photo mm43_zps3d4729b5.jpg

 photo mm44_zps986db8db.jpg

 photo mm45_zps2ed9abe5.jpg

 photo mm46_zpsc2d09429.jpg

 photo mm47_zps340dbef4.jpg

 photo mm48_zpscf02ea94.jpg

 photo mm49_zpsfb6f2825.jpg

 photo mm50_zpscc3cd579.jpg

 photo mm51_zps2e8cdc7e.jpg

 photo mm52_zpse3581134.jpg

 photo mm53_zpsac49a99b.jpg

 photo mm54_zps26e0a71f.jpg

 photo mm55_zpsedc339bb.jpg

 photo mm56_zps51607efe.jpg

 photo mm57_zps7d5a21a0.jpg

 photo mm58_zpse590e7a4.jpg

 photo mm59_zpsf0d18540.jpg

 photo mm60_zpsfa2d260a.jpg

 photo mm61_zpsa00445d3.jpg

 photo mm62_zps63474651.jpg

 photo mm63_zpsf4657965.jpg

 photo mm64_zps6e0c46ef.jpg

 photo mm65_zps081d546d.jpg

 photo mm66_zpsacd2f4e8.jpg

 photo mm67_zps6ad53ae4.jpg