Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Special Feature:
Burton Batman Halloween!

Figured you guys might enjoy seeing a few pictures of my boys' Halloween costumes this year! My oldest son Blaze asked if he could go as Batman this go-round... but not just any Batman. He specifically requested "Michael Keaton's Batman as seen in Batman Returns". I have constructed homemade costumes before when my boys make an obscure Halloween request... But doing a Burton Batman suit? That sounded tough. But hey- If your kid is cool enough to ask for a Keaton Bat-suit over 20 years after the film debuted... Well that is a request that is just too darned awesome to pass up on.

I thankfully found a deluxe child-size Batman Returns style cowl on eBay, but everything else on the suit is homemade. While I know it isn't anywhere near the level of detail usually reached by the cosplay community, it knocked my junior Bat-fan's socks off. Seeing him pulling his best Keaton Batman poses and spouting out lines from the films was quite a kick for me...

 photo batpair4_zps9e44dbc3.jpg

...and of course my younger son Keaton wanted in on the action too. He requested Nightwing (he prefers this incarnation of Dick Grayson to Robin). Since Blaze was already in a look from Batman Returns, I decided to make the Nightwing suit in the same vein. So here we have Nightwing as if the character appeared in "Batman Returns"

 photo batpair5_zpse076cd2e.jpg

I am a pretty lucky guy to have such awesome kids. :) I'd much rather go trick-or-treating with Burton-ized Batman and Nightwing than with a Pokemon or a toddler-sized John Cena.

 photo batpair6_zpsbe17ca46.jpg

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