Thursday, June 20, 2013

1990 Kenner Action Toy Guide

 photo 90guide2_zpsaadfb17b.jpg

The 1990 edition of Kenner's "Action Toy Guide" catalogs came in two varieties. The version pictured above (from late 1990) features the initial items released in the Batman Dark Knight Collection. The version pictured below (released in early 1990) has a similar cover, but does not include anything from the line.

 photo 90guide1_zpsea22d504.jpg

The Batman Dark Knight Collection items are featured in the first 4 pages of the guide. The first 2-page spread covers the initial figures and vehicles, while the second spread focuses on the role play items.

 photo 90guide3_zps54669643.jpg

 photo 90guide4_zps67ddff09.jpg

 photo 90guide5_zps5cd4b620.jpg

 photo 90guide6_zpsca2d826a.jpg


  1. Take a close look at that prototype for the Batmobile toy. It is in actuality a ToyBiz Batmobile that has been modified. Interesting...

  2. Interesting, Funny that Toybiz used Kenner items in their prototype shots on the backs of the figure cards in their 89 bat-line. Never thought Kenner would do that. This would NEVER happen these days.

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