Friday, August 9, 2013

1989 Batman Japanese Movie Program Book

"It's Japanese.... Because I bought it in Japan". While the US market had to content itself with the AWESOME Topps movie souvenir magazine, Japanese theaters featured this beautiful program book during the film's original run. While I have no idea what the text says (anybody care to translate?), the images from the book are magnificent and would have undoubtedly had theater patrons salivating for Batman's big screen adventure...

 photo lobby01_zps806fddb6.jpg

 photo lobby02_zps1685e348.jpg

 photo lobby03_zps69e94090.jpg

 photo lobby04_zps28508c7a.jpg

 photo lobby05_zps6442296d.jpg

 photo lobby06_zpsf41d137c.jpg

 photo lobby07_zps45960558.jpg

 photo lobby08_zpsa2cb1d8a.jpg

 photo lobby09_zpsed2fe552.jpg

 photo lobby10_zps41174729.jpg

 photo lobby11_zps21d92e2b.jpg

 photo lobby12_zps5f50079f.jpg

 photo lobby13_zpsf8dda2d8.jpg

 photo lobby14_zpsdbfa345b.jpg

 photo lobby15_zpsc7851524.jpg

 photo lobby16_zpse6596e57.jpg

 photo lobby17_zpsbcf99762.jpg

 photo lobby18_zps563bf8de.jpg

 photo lobby19_zps517c4f2a.jpg

 photo lobby20_zps7d88a458.jpg

 photo lobby21_zps3c52881f.jpg

 photo lobby22_zps9bdc8f65.jpg

 photo lobby23_zps78786ead.jpg

 photo lobby24_zpsa206de84.jpg

 photo lobby25_zps0cbce13d.jpg

 photo lobby26_zpsccf43e75.jpg

 photo lobby27_zpscb9b606a.jpg

 photo lobby28_zps2d24d68e.jpg

 photo lobby29_zpse6869f4f.jpg

 photo lobby30_zpscd77e38a.jpg

 photo lobby31_zpse889d4a0.jpg

 photo lobby32_zps6a8bb991.jpg

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