Monday, August 12, 2013

Vintage Magazine Article:
"Cinefantastique" November 1989
(Volume 20 Number 1 & 2)

 photo cinefan1_zps0b4a4a3a.jpg

This special "Double Issue" of Cinefantastique offered a lot of bang for a Batman '89 fan's buck. Not only did the magazine showcase an in-depth look at the making of the film, but it also featured side articles on director Tim Burton, screenwriter Sam Hamm, makeup effects guru Nick Dudman, designer Anton Furst, and much more! Seriously- Even if you read the scans below of all the pertinent Bat-pages from the issue, no '89 fan should be without this book. Truly, one of the best of the magazines focused on the film available.

 photo cinefan2_zpsbcb5a9c1.jpg

 photo cinefan3_zpsd64218f1.jpg

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 photo cinefan8_zps623a26cd.jpg

 photo cinefan9_zpsa6991db9.jpg

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 photo cinefan14_zps35d0aa7d.jpg

 photo cinefan15_zpsb65a14d8.jpg

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 photo cinefan23_zps8e8bc276.jpg

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