Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Vintage Magazine Article:
"Starlog" October 1992

These 3 articles from issue #183 of Starlog magazine highlight the actors that brought life to the baddies of Batman Returns: Danny DeVito, Michelle Pfeiffer, & Christopher Walken!

 photo slogbr1_zpsde9f2f28.jpg

 photo slogbr2_zpsd7538c60.jpg

 photo slogbr3_zps047367b0.jpg

 photo slogbr4_zps55070cbd.jpg

 photo slogbr5_zps3bb6bb0f.jpg

 photo slogbr6_zpsa746fcb4.jpg

 photo slogbr7_zps1a58bb93.jpg

 photo slogbr8_zpsfaca26fa.jpg

 photo slogbr9_zpsfd559fc9.jpg

 photo slogbr10_zps6dfbad1c.jpg

 photo slogbr11_zps610176d8.jpg

 photo slogbr12_zps3c87f8ec.jpg

 photo slogbr13_zpsea846ad2.jpg

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