Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Special Feature:
Batman The Animated Series Style Guide
Part 4- The Vehicles

 photo wb1_zpsdc3b4b94.jpg

Part 4 of the "Batman The Animated Series" Stye Guide (click HERE for Part 1 and the backstory on these guides) is devoted to the many modes of transportation that Batman and his supporting cast used to get around in Gotham City....

 photo sg81_zps2d0783c9.jpg

 photo sg82_zps0b3b9884.jpg

 photo sg83_zpse6cd987e.jpg

 photo sg84_zpsbf142192.jpg

 photo sg85_zps7ac3d9d1.jpg

 photo sg86_zps7b7d1039.jpg

 photo sg87_zpse3ad0c01.jpg

 photo sg88_zpscfea2db6.jpg

 photo sg89_zps66a065e0.jpg

Want to see more? Well, click HERE to go back to Part 3, or click HERE to move on to Part 5. :)

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