Friday, September 11, 2015

Special Feature:
The New Batman Adventures Style Guide
Part 5- Vehicles & Gadgets

 photo tnba1_zpse984cad7.jpg

Part 5 of the "The New Batman Adventures" Style Guide (click HERE for Part 1 and the backstory on these guides) is devoted to the various modes of transportation and tools of the trade used by the characters of Gotham City... Enjoy!

 photo tnba1_zpslrcrizsd.jpg

 photo tnba2_zpszdtuwwi7.jpg

 photo tnba3_zpssplywscf.jpg

 photo tnba4_zpsbzda49ux.jpg

 photo tnba5_zpsrrgut8fq.jpg

 photo tnba6_zpsajgijson.jpg

 photo tnba7_zps4gmrdhxy.jpg

 photo tnba8_zpswz1japeq.jpg

 photo tnba9_zpsckrag2e6.jpg

 photo tnba10_zpshmbznmaq.jpg

Want to see more? Well, click HERE to go back to Part 4.


  1. You NEED to make some adjustments... One image is "currently unavailable", none can be viewed fully- what's with the "album is private" & password protected ? They're watermarked already ANYWAY... This is not fan & user friendly, I'm certainly not the only one feeling greatly disappointed & let down (but seemingly the only one to admit it !). These pictures would also mean a HUGE help for customs (toy correction..!). Very angering...