Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Special Feature:
Batman Returns/ Batman The Animated Series
LCA Entertainment 1992 Licensing Booklet

1992 was a great year to be a Batman fan... Batman Returns hit theaters, Batman The Animated Series ruled television, and Batman merchandise dominated stores. Today's post gives a great reference for just how prevalent Batman items were back in '92. The licensing firm LCA Entertainment created this large pamphlet (10" x 13.5") to get retailers pumped up for Batman items coming from the bevy of companies listed. "Don't Be Left Out In The Cold... Are You Ready For 1992?"

 photo lcabook1_zpsssmkt4bv.jpg

 photo lcabook2_zpsm9otfb1x.jpg

 photo lcabook3_zpsw6shuyfv.jpg

 photo lcabook4_zpsnmgb6frt.jpg

 photo lcabook5_zps8ahcnkjd.jpg

 photo lcabook6_zpsysygkwzc.jpg

 photo lcabook7_zpshffucqy9.jpg

 photo lcabook8_zpsuwki9pev.jpg

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