Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Special Feature:
Batman Returns/ Batman The Animated Series
LCA Entertainment 1992 Licensing Booklet

1992 was a great year to be a Batman fan... Batman Returns hit theaters, Batman The Animated Series ruled television, and Batman merchandise dominated stores. Today's post gives a great reference for just how prevalent Batman items were back in '92. The licensing firm LCA Entertainment created this large pamphlet (10" x 13.5") to get retailers pumped up for Batman items coming from the bevy of companies listed. "Don't Be Left Out In The Cold... Are You Ready For 1992?"

 photo lcabook1_zpsssmkt4bv.jpg

 photo lcabook2_zpsm9otfb1x.jpg

 photo lcabook3_zpsw6shuyfv.jpg

 photo lcabook4_zpsnmgb6frt.jpg

 photo lcabook5_zps8ahcnkjd.jpg

 photo lcabook6_zpsysygkwzc.jpg

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  1. That film is amazing. Michelle Pfeiffer is the perfect choice for Catwoman. Director Joel Schumacher asked her to return for Batman Unchained, but the franchise was put in an eight long year hiatus until 2005. Danny DeVito is a good Penguin. He created the role, after Bob Kane created the villain in 1941.