Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Vintage Magazine Article:
"Inside Hollywood"
August 1992

What was it like for Michael Keaton heading into Batman Returns after spending a couple of years living in the "Shadow of the Bat"? Inside Hollywood has the answer to this and many other questions in this great interview from their August '92 issue...

 photo inside1_zps85335352.jpg

 photo inside2_zps99b22840.jpg

 photo inside3_zps6699566d.jpg

 photo inside5_zpsf3261823.jpg

 photo inside6_zpsc4ed52f1.jpg

 photo inside4_zpsa3e1a30b.jpg

It isn't all about the man behind the Bat in this issue though, as the magazine also includes this article on the Batman sequel itself, bursting with quotes from the film's producer Denise DiNovi...

 photo inside7_zps167f6677.jpg

 photo inside8_zps2254f120.jpg

 photo inside9_zpsfbae9913.jpg

 photo inside10_zps08356235.jpg

 photo inside11_zps0d063894.jpg


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