Friday, May 31, 2013

1992 Kenner Catalog
Batman Returns

Kenner released many catalogs over the years showcasing their products for retailers at Toy Fair. The Dark Knight Collection and Batman Returns lines featured heavily in these catalogs from 1990-1993. Today's post covers the debut of the Batman Returns line in the 1992 Kenner catalog. Most everything you see here made it to stores basically unchanged from these initial prototypes... With the notable exceptions being Bruce Wayne's funky turtleneck and the obviously kit-bashed Firebolt Batman.

 photo 92kenner1_zpsde2a4c4c.jpg

 photo 92kenner2_zps83bfd706.jpg

 photo 92kenner3_zps0b7481bb.jpg

 photo 92kenner4_zps28590bae.jpg

 photo 92kenner5_zps335e6055.jpg

 photo 92kenner6_zps70524eeb.jpg

 photo 92kenner7_zps9afb58aa.jpg

 photo 92kenner8_zps60ab75e8.jpg

 photo 92kenner9_zpsa351e1ac.jpg

 photo 92kenner10_zpsaeadb9d7.jpg


  1. Good luck trying to find that Batwing for a non-ridiculous price!

  2. I got the batwing the 1989 version but not the original box unfortunately