Tuesday, May 21, 2013

1991 Kenner Catalog
The Dark Knight Collection

Kenner released many catalogs over the years showcasing their products for retailers at Toy Fair. The Dark Knight Collection and Batman Returns lines featured heavily in these catalogs from 1990-1993. Today's post covers the Dark Knight Collection's second outing in the 1991 Kenner catalog. This year featured many items that wouldn't see release in the DKC line, including the Batcave, Batman's Street Jet, and the Jokermobile.

 photo 91ken1_zpse15e0525.jpg

 photo 91ken2_zps4ada16d1.jpg

 photo 91ken3_zps90b46bbe.jpg

 photo 91ken4_zps7a899864.jpg

 photo 91ken5_zps667342f5.jpg

 photo 91ken6_zps2831aaf9.jpg

 photo 91ken7_zps7dcfb5a1.jpg

 photo 91ken8_zps01719ece.jpg

 photo 91ken9_zpsc2d7ad42.jpg

 photo 91ken10_zpsdcddae09.jpg

 photo 91ken11_zpsc76b7814.jpg

 photo 91ken12_zps44f53c99.jpg

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