Thursday, May 16, 2013

Merchandise Preview:
Hot Toys DX14
Jack Nicholson Joker (Mime Version) 12" Figure

Hot Toys announced yesterday that a new Jack Nicholson Joker 12" figure is on the way... This time recreating his "Mime" look from the confrontation outside of Gotham City Hall!

 photo htjoker16_zpsf0eda70f.jpg

 photo htjoker17_zpsbc1f6d88.jpg

 photo htjoker1_zps6c9379c0.jpg

 photo htjoker2_zps366031bf.jpg

 photo htjoker3_zps9ad280a0.jpg

 photo htjoker4_zps88201b9c.jpg

 photo htjoker5_zpsbf8595ff.jpg

 photo htjoker6_zps42ee5840.jpg

 photo htjoker7_zpsadb0a085.jpg

 photo htjoker8_zps95d7aac3.jpg

 photo htjoker9_zpse177e58f.jpg

 photo htjoker10_zps4b5996a0.jpg

 photo htjoker11_zps6f634f97.jpg

 photo htjoker12_zps1d5b6dd8.jpg

 photo htjoker13_zps7c8d5781.jpg

 photo htjoker14_zps716c1c0d.jpg

 photo htjoker15_zpsf3ab2fa6.jpg

The figure is available for preorder now with an MSRP of $229.99 and a release slated for December 2013 (though don't bank on that with Hot Toys penchant for missing projected shipping dates). I've always had great experiences with Sideshow Collectibles... You can order it from them by clicking HERE.

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