Saturday, March 30, 2013

Vintage Newspaper Clipping:
Register-Pajaronian Review
By Shelley Fralic- June 22, 1989

Here is a "movie review" from the June 22, 1989 edition of California's Register-Pajaronian newspaper. A few interesting things here: 1.) This "review" is nothing of the sort, since the writer hasn't actually seen the film. 2.) The stigma of the 60's show is still quite prevalent in the writing. 3.) She calls Batman action figures "dolls". *sigh* 4.) Most interesting of all... It still amazes me how different secrecy in movies is today from back in 1989. This article was published a day before the film hit and yet it still mentions the possibilities of Robin, Catwoman, and Riddler all making appearances in the movie!

 photo review1-1_zps9d8f2877.jpg

 photo review2-1_zps40b47032.jpg

 photo review3_zps75d79daf.jpg

 photo review4_zps4baf5111.jpg

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