Thursday, April 11, 2013

Vintage Magazine Article:
"Prevue" September 1989

Great article from the September 1989 issue of "Prevue" magazine. Pretty interesting read (if not a bit heavy on the use of a thesaurus)... but what is up with the oddly tweaked eyes on the cover?

 photo prevue1_zps957a4d67.jpg

 photo prevue2_zps23993d0b.jpg

 photo prevue3_zpseaa58727.jpg

 photo prevue4_zps70803864.jpg

 photo prevue5_zps488bc843.jpg

 photo prevue6_zpsc93079a9.jpg

 photo prevue7_zpsbc39fce7.jpg

 photo prevue8_zps5ee94167.jpg

 photo prevue9_zps28ec41eb.jpg

 photo prevue10_zps61583d77.jpg

 photo prevue11_zpsc3253153.jpg

 photo prevue12_zps11121714.jpg

 photo prevue13_zps970f7b85.jpg

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