Friday, May 10, 2013

1990 Kenner Catalog
The Dark Knight Collection

Kenner released many catalogs over the years showcasing their products for retailers at Toy Fair. The Dark Knight Collection and Batman Returns lines featured heavily in these catalogs from 1990-1993. In the coming months, the Batman movie related content from these will be uploaded here at the site. Today's post covers the Dark Knight Collection's debut in the 1990 Kenner catalog. This is probably my favorite of the bunch as it showcases the early mockup repainted Super Powers Batman figures so prominently.

 photo 90kenner1_zpsc5003649.jpg

 photo 90kenner2_zpsd177760a.jpg

 photo 90kenner3_zpsfa87c878.jpg

 photo 90kenner4_zps03383b79.jpg

 photo 90kenner5_zps43401a5f.jpg

 photo 90kenner6_zpsebda8e2f.jpg

 photo 90kenner7_zps65ada42f.jpg

 photo 90kenner8_zps5b609642.jpg

 photo 90kenner9_zpse7d53e34.jpg

 photo 90kenner10_zpsb83ed6bf.jpg

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