Monday, May 13, 2013

1992 Kenner Action Toy Guide

 photo 92atg1_zpscd924cfd.jpg

The 1992 installment of Kenner's "Action Toy Guide" featured the debut of the Batman Returns line. Most of the items at this point match their production counterparts, with the exception of Bruce Wayne's oddly decorated turtleneck and the mock-up Firebolt Batman.

 photo 92atg2_zps5574fdad.jpg

 photo 92atg3_zps0ba1645e.jpg

 photo 92atg4_zps8e172a0f.jpg

 photo 92atg5_zps7c536d71.jpg

 photo 92atg6_zps29d45614.jpg

 photo 92atg7_zpsd6b33727.jpg

 photo 92atg8_zps004521c5.jpg

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