Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Merchandise Spotlight:
Kenner Batman Returns Figure

 photo cat22_zpsb3d923da.jpg

Video Spotlight:

Pictorial Review:

 photo cat18_zps1495fde5.jpg

 photo cat26_zps73ebde9d.jpg

 photo cat24_zps3b206141.jpg

 photo cat23_zps036394b9.jpg

 photo cat25_zps66a319c5.jpg

 photo cat20_zps3e80f072.jpg

 photo cat21_zps8f6a2ccb.jpg

 photo cat19_zps63920e4f.jpg

 photo cat16_zps89a7ed52.jpg

 photo cat12_zps46217e7d.jpg

 photo cat9_zpsff3e13e4.jpg

 photo cat15_zps906e7266.jpg

 photo cat14_zps1324cb7b.jpg

 photo cat11_zpse74a26f3.jpg

 photo cat17_zps20bdc447.jpg

 photo cat10_zpsee7b6c30.jpg

 photo cat1_zps78195742.jpg

 photo cat8_zpsb5bb7b3c.jpg

 photo cat13_zpsef035733.jpg

 photo cat4_zpsbf09072a.jpg

 photo cat7_zps30628f75.jpg

 photo cat2_zpse9d440cd.jpg

 photo cat6_zps226ad33f.jpg

 photo cat5_zps9a311ab2.jpg

 photo cat3_zpsebdc4d69.jpg

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