Thursday, July 18, 2013

Special Feature:
The 1988 Batman Movie Press Kit

Created back in 1988, this press kit got an early start on building the hype surrounding "Batman". Since the movie was still filming at the time this was created, the kit is more of an elaborate licensing overview rather than your standard film press kit. With most of the attention being put towards creating a coordinated event across multiple platforms, this kit is an amazing look into the creation of "Batmania '89".

 photo presskit1_zps2b406aac.jpg

 photo presskit2_zps682f6306.jpg

 photo presskit3_zps7141ae39.jpg

 photo presskit4_zpsdd4d3b9d.jpg

 photo presskit5_zpsc79a13b1.jpg

 photo presskit6_zps69670acb.jpg

 photo presskit7_zps3c2e06e3.jpg

 photo presskit8_zpsc7cc14ec.jpg

 photo presskit9_zps6828324a.jpg

 photo presskit10_zps6c1eed43.jpg

 photo presskit11_zps73516c44.jpg

 photo presskit12_zps7d61a0f7.jpg

 photo presskit13_zps588bcfbd.jpg

The next portion of the kit features copies of various Batman-related articles. Not really meant for reading due to their quality, these were likely included just to help reinforce the idea that "Batman" was going to be a true event in the public's eyes. (And I love the bit from the Barometer article that says "with or without Nicholson as the Joker"... Thank goodness that little rumor turned out to be true!)

 photo presskit14_zps8c9e94e4.jpg

 photo presskit15_zpsb9d2bb38.jpg

 photo presskit16_zps64114913.jpg

 photo presskit17_zpsf1ffff0f.jpg

 photo presskit18_zps5988955f.jpg

 photo presskit20_zpsb749034b.jpg

 photo presskit21_zps8a68223a.jpg

 photo presskit22_zpsf18a2371.jpg

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