Monday, July 22, 2013

Special Feature:
1989 Batman Press Kit & Publicity Photos

Back in the days when newspapers were one of the largest publicity tools available to a movie's promotion, film studios would create collections of high quality film production photos for publishers to use in their movie-related articles. In most cases, these photos would get tucked in with a film's press kit. The following collection of photos are some of the many press kit images used to promote "Batman" in print.

 photo still1_zpsfbda1f04.jpg

 photo still2_zpsb3627614.jpg

 photo still6_zps21b75332.jpg

 photo still7_zps98458173.jpg

 photo still8_zps6eead30f.jpg

 photo still11_zps57999955.jpg

 photo still12_zps8bb31f93.jpg

 photo still15_zpse4b80109.jpg

 photo still17_zpsd741c28a.jpg

 photo still18_zpsc6170c1f.jpg

 photo still19_zps6bbd8cd6.jpg

 photo still24_zpsed316ce8.jpg

 photo still26_zpsa30c8199.jpg

 photo still27_zpsad3edf76.jpg

 photo still28_zps307f665d.jpg

 photo still30_zps57db7faf.jpg

 photo still31_zps9a2c3e72.jpg

 photo still36_zpsde4f6cb0.jpg

 photo still44_zpsbbc4b6d4.jpg

 photo still51_zps6a2f0bd7.jpg

 photo still54_zps0ae69f77.jpg

 photo still55_zps02a968a6.jpg

 photo still56_zpsa0a33a99.jpg

 photo still61_zpsc3cf45fe.jpg

 photo still67c_zps15625894.jpg

 photo still72_zpsbb922f20.jpg

 photo still75_zps01cf701a.jpg

 photo still76r_zpsdd8da88e.jpg

 photo still80_zps4020b134.jpg

 photo still83_zpsdc1c3842.jpg

 photo still84_zpsea2cb93f.jpg

 photo still87_zps7e3d6860.jpg

 photo still95_zpsf6addd0d.jpg

 photo still104_zpsf7218da3.jpg

 photo still105_zps3b7ae550.jpg

 photo still107_zps8bbdfb2b.jpg

 photo still108_zps24413430.jpg

 photo still601_zpsc3923dbc.jpg

 photo still603_zps516736d5.jpg

 photo still604_zps3b33ecfd.jpg

 photo still606_zpsf14e4d02.jpg

 photo still607_zps92b24d09.jpg

 photo still609_zps0b12a97f.jpg

 photo still612_zpsfd64f586.jpg

 photo still614_zpsd7f962bb.jpg

 photo still615_zps6452f693.jpg

 photo still616_zps8d31d67f.jpg

 photo still634_zpsea021671.jpg

 photo still639_zpsde0f0861.jpg

 photo still643_zps5caffb8d.jpg

 photo still644_zps019d357e.jpg

 photo still653c_zps3f7b775e.jpg

 photo still657_zps3d0de212.jpg

 photo still659_zpsdf2c590a.jpg

 photo still660_zps51fee971.jpg

 photo still661_zps8aa84e2c.jpg

*UPDATE!* 9 New images from my newly acquire '89 Press Kit!

 photo stills1_zps596f48ac.jpg

 photo stills2_zpsda39339d.jpg

 photo stills3_zpsff085cf8.jpg

 photo stills4_zps707cbfbe.jpg

 photo stills5_zps4d66813c.jpg

 photo stills6_zpsff141954.jpg

 photo stills7_zps77cecf77.jpg

 photo stills8_zpse8f96f4d.jpg

 photo stills9_zps8647234a.jpg

These final three images differ from the rest of the standard press kit photos. None of the three feature the "use for newspapers" release along the bottom, and 2 of them show "behind-the-scenes" imagery.

 photo publicityshot1_zpsff6898ef.jpg

 photo publicityshot3_zps42d6b9f9.jpg

 photo publicityshot2_zps17f1fa59.jpg

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