Friday, August 16, 2013

Vintage Newspaper Clipping:
Salinas Californian
"Holy Trend Batman..."
March 4, 1989

While there isn't much relating to the '89 film in this snippet from the Salinas Californian (outside of a couple of early script quotes and some talk on the film's budget & crew), this article does give a pretty solid representation of how Batman was perceived by the public before Burton's Batman hit. Almost the entire write-up is spent referencing the Adam West show- including one quote that states "he's a really neat symbol of the 60's". The piece is a perfect illustration of the battle Batman '89 had to fight against the stigma of "Pow, Zam, & Bonk".

 photo trend1_zps30acc3d6.jpg

 photo trend2_zpsf8ad12b0.jpg

 photo trend3_zpsbbffce9c.jpg

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