Thursday, September 5, 2013

Merchandise Spotlight:
Crime Control Set
Kenner Batman Dark Knight Collection Accessory

 photo ccset39_zps9cd8b127.jpg

Video Spotlight:

Pictorial Review:

 photo ccset23_zps449e1a3b.jpg

 photo ccset53_zps5b91c017.jpg

 photo ccset52_zpsaffc300d.jpg

 photo ccset51_zps68ff73d7.jpg

 photo ccset50_zps48257a06.jpg

 photo ccset49_zpse1ba8f8f.jpg

 photo ccset48_zpsf1f6296c.jpg

 photo ccset47_zpsfb1a799b.jpg

 photo ccset46_zps738f088f.jpg

 photo ccset45_zps6814e684.jpg

 photo ccset43_zps117282f0.jpg

 photo ccset42_zps198ce41e.jpg

 photo ccset41_zps6316a08f.jpg

 photo ccset40_zpsbb9f61d6.jpg

 photo ccset44_zps0fbe0f15.jpg

 photo ccset38_zpsb3ce72f5.jpg

 photo ccset37_zps0ef38bef.jpg

 photo ccset36_zps11a18c37.jpg

 photo ccset35_zps022f9d7a.jpg

 photo ccset34_zpsb2e48a2b.jpg

 photo ccset33_zps5ffe71cb.jpg

 photo ccset32_zps19fca2b4.jpg

 photo ccset31_zpsaa1def95.jpg

 photo ccset30_zpsaddc0006.jpg

 photo ccset29_zps3a872e5e.jpg

 photo ccset28_zps992d0ee2.jpg

 photo ccset27_zpsfe686af0.jpg

 photo ccset26_zpsf6f1f030.jpg

 photo ccset25_zps6603abb1.jpg

 photo ccset24_zps19917f32.jpg

For all of our "roleplay" accessory reviews, my youngest son Keaton has volunteered to take the toys outside for some action shots!

 photo ccset22_zps0d80eaf9.jpg

 photo ccset8_zps5d9a7402.jpg

 photo ccset1_zpsdce0b37b.jpg

 photo ccset9_zps6092f467.jpg

 photo ccset21_zps39a4a81f.jpg

 photo ccset2_zpsf1a951a2.jpg

 photo ccset6_zps580dab23.jpg

 photo ccset5_zps409cc21e.jpg

 photo ccset7_zps0139bcd8.jpg

 photo ccset4_zpsd38f7f63.jpg

 photo ccset3_zps5d623b20.jpg

 photo ccset11_zps5b1d0321.jpg

 photo ccset10_zpse949c6e6.jpg

 photo ccset12_zps0ae94321.jpg

 photo ccset13_zps8a1d7911.jpg

 photo ccset20_zps1237ddbe.jpg

 photo ccset18_zpsc03ed41a.jpg

 photo ccset14_zps1422adea.jpg

 photo ccset17_zps69613e8b.jpg

 photo ccset19_zps110a67ee.jpg

 photo ccset16_zps90164774.jpg

 photo ccset15_zpsc2f042e8.jpg


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