Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Vintage Magazine Article:
"SFX" Issue #3

The third issue of SFX doesn't really deliver on the cover enticements (the grappling hook, batarang, and Batmobile have little or no mention inside), but it does offer a great interview with "Batman Returns" art director Rick Heinrichs. And check out all the design artwork that accompanies the text! Beautiful!

 photo sfx1_zpsae247073.jpg

 photo sfx2_zps20d6e14b.jpg

 photo sfx3_zps1b369aaa.jpg

 photo sfx4_zps759efc04.jpg

 photo sfx5_zps4d7c6dfd.jpg

 photo sfx6_zps208d2cd4.jpg

 photo sfx7_zpsa103c5ad.jpg

 photo sfx8_zps1037223e.jpg

 photo sfx9_zps22ecafcb.jpg

 photo sfx10_zps7cdc050d.jpg

 photo sfx11_zpsf1035bbd.jpg

Oh... And I figured I better scan that back cover too. I know a lot of you are dying to order a "Penguin Sewer Costume" of your very own. ;)

 photo sfx12_zpsd7b75818.jpg

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