Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Art Of Batman Returns
Print Portfolio

Calling the look of Batman Returns "unique" would be a massive understatement... Which is probably the main reason Zanart Publishing put together this neat print portfolio of some of the design art from the film! While some of the images featured in the 8 included prints aren't the most exciting, they do give an "insider's feel" into the production of the film. Plus, the included image of the Batmissile design is absolutely stunning. :) (Clicking on the pictures will open larger versions!)

 photo foliosmall1_zps138f56f0.jpg

 photo foliosmall2_zps51d8d434.jpg

 photo foliosmall3_zpsde1d14df.jpg

 photo foliosmall4_zps17e6ab0d.jpg

 photo foliosmall5_zpsef371ace.jpg

 photo foliosmall6_zps3ed2612f.jpg

 photo foliosmall7_zps7b58a0ce.jpg

 photo foliosmall8_zpsd752ff2b.jpg

 photo foliosmall9_zps7c836d10.jpg

 photo foliosmall10_zps922053f7.jpg

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