Thursday, March 27, 2014

Special Feature:
The New Batman Adventures Style Guide
Part 3- Character Art

 photo tnba1_zpse984cad7.jpg

Part 3 of the "The New Batman Adventures" Style Guide (click HERE for Part 1 and the backstory on these guides) is devoted to showing various pieces of artwork featuring the characters from the show. A plethora of poses for a manufacturer to chose from!

 photo tnba32_zps78cda00f.jpg

 photo tnba33_zps77f3380f.jpg

 photo tnba34_zpse126161f.jpg

 photo tnba35_zpse7d6b6b0.jpg

 photo tnba36_zps351b9883.jpg

 photo tnba37_zps3451214e.jpg

 photo tnba38_zps1055d6f4.jpg

 photo tnba39_zps05ce773f.jpg

 photo tnba40_zps9040f41d.jpg

 photo tnba41_zps8fb31c13.jpg

 photo tnba42_zps5d2786da.jpg

 photo tnba43_zps8060541d.jpg

 photo tnba44_zpse1105f5f.jpg

 photo tnba45_zpsd0f1e193.jpg

 photo tnba46_zpsb0ca5f12.jpg

 photo tnba47_zps1ed6c239.jpg

 photo tnba48_zps02bb9cb9.jpg

 photo tnba49_zps1dfd1bba.jpg

 photo tnba50_zps825334dc.jpg

 photo tnba51_zps328804eb.jpg

 photo tnba52_zpscf11cd2f.jpg

 photo tnba53_zps64b4c84a.jpg

 photo tnba54_zps12a52c5b.jpg

 photo tnba55_zpsd7af0020.jpg

 photo tnba56_zps043609f0.jpg

 photo tnba57_zps28eb84a3.jpg

 photo tnba58_zps89040f1b.jpg

 photo tnba59_zpsa38dab64.jpg

 photo tnba60_zpsa6ffc1ee.jpg

 photo tnba61_zpse62d8e25.jpg

 photo tnba62_zpsf8152500.jpg

 photo tnba63_zps58d7c744.jpg

 photo tnba64_zps9923f5cf.jpg

 photo tnba65_zps69ca1627.jpg

 photo tnba66_zpseabfbfa8.jpg

Want to see more? Well, click HERE to go back to Part 2.

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