Tuesday, May 27, 2014

June 19, 1989 Batman World Premiere
Special Screening Invite Ticket

How cool would it have been to get one of these back in '89? Members of the press and other special guests received these special fold-out screening invites to the June 19, 1989 screening of the film. The front of the invite features the movie logo, which opens up to reveal the details of the screening. Actual tickets would come in the mail as long as you got your response in by June 9. Dress was casual, and your invite allowed for a guest to accompany you. Imagine how many friend-point you would have racked up with a ticket this hot...

 photo pass1_zpscda870ef.jpg

 photo pass2_zps21c5fb2b.jpg

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  1. i like how they dont have the name of the movie they just have the symbol, there like "you know what it is!"