Friday, May 16, 2014

Merchandise Spotlight:
Batman Returns "The Penguin's Plot"
Golden Book

Ever wonder what Batman Returns would be like WITHOUT the Catwoman & Max Shreck characters? Well, wonder no more, as we check out the Golden Batman Returns "The Penguin's Plot" children's book in its entirety. Gone are the sexy Catwoman and the vile Shreck... and in their place are a much more kid friendly take on Penguin's plans to take over Gotham. I got a real kick out of reading this one- especially how they completely gloss over the Ice Princess' fate. And man, ya gotta love the closing shot of a dapper Bruce Wayne trimming the tree... Enjoy!

 photo golden1_zpsaa20d852.jpg

 photo golden2_zps94e21036.jpg

 photo golden3_zps353a4ce1.jpg

 photo golden4_zps8116cc3e.jpg

 photo golden5_zps66a76af4.jpg

 photo golden6_zps93cf42fc.jpg

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 photo golden14_zps86b4e05c.jpg

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 photo golden25_zpsb75a0d41.jpg

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  1. Thanks for posting. I wonder what Batman was doing during the "few weeks" while Penguin's gang was terrorizing the city :P