Thursday, May 29, 2014

Merchandise Spotlight:
Tim Drake Robin
Custom Hot Toys 1/6th Scale Figure

 photo robin28_zps09eecdca.jpg

Video Spotlight:

Pictorial Review:

 photo robin27_zps5b1a6ce6.jpg

 photo robin8_zpsc7e75d6b.jpg

 photo robin6_zps3dc5abf8.jpg

 photo robin7_zpsfa1640ea.jpg

 photo robin5_zpsf9bc3259.jpg

 photo robin4_zpsd3767523.jpg

 photo robin3_zpsbc093eb0.jpg

 photo robin1_zps1673a872.jpg

 photo robin2_zps3e5a12e2.jpg

 photo robin12_zpscf7dbfb8.jpg

 photo robin11_zpsa63b0fc5.jpg

 photo robin10_zpsa91af998.jpg

 photo robin9_zps81698cb4.jpg

 photo robin24_zps44945f14.jpg

 photo robin13_zpsedc42a90.jpg

 photo robin14_zps50a76691.jpg

 photo robin15_zpsa04ada72.jpg

 photo robin16_zps3dbf7f64.jpg

 photo robin17_zpsc7e9b5f7.jpg

 photo robin18_zps9a14ea88.jpg

 photo robin21_zpsbc07eb9f.jpg

 photo robin22_zpse7b24374.jpg

 photo robin23_zps6e2b2cc0.jpg

 photo robin19_zpsb8e2b3ea.jpg

 photo robin26_zps34137b04.jpg

 photo robin20_zps3746c662.jpg


  1. That's a great custom. I remember that Robin action figure as a kid and I loved it.

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