Friday, May 2, 2014

Vintage Magazine Article:
"Amazing Heroes"
June 1992

In what was to be one of the final issues of Amazing Heroes magazine, comic scribe James Robinson gives us all the details on his Batman Returns' Gotham City set visit! Not only that, but we also get his first impressions of a little show called Batman The Animated Series. :) All part of this really interesting article from the magazine's 202nd issue. Oh- And if anyone perhaps has a copy of the video Mr. Robinson mentions in the opening paragraphs, PLEASE contact me!

 photo aheroes1_zps751eb65f.jpg

 photo aheroes2_zpse655a926.jpg

 photo aheroes3_zps17deed21.jpg

 photo aheroes4_zpsbc58da05.jpg

 photo aheroes5_zps3523a80d.jpg

 photo aheroes6_zps293f323c.jpg

 photo aheroes7_zps6b722efe.jpg

 photo aheroes8_zps900b0dc2.jpg

 photo aheroes9_zps05cc562b.jpg

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