Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Vintage Magazine Article:
"Comics Scene Spectacular"
Issue #1

Where does he get those wonderful toys? Well, according to Comics Scene Spectacular #1, he gets them from John Evans. :) In the augural issue of this special-sized publication, the special effects master gives us the back story on Batman's tools of the trade...

 photo comicspec1_zps28ff9673.jpg

 photo comicspec2_zps618ec0df.jpg

 photo comicspec3_zps485da373.jpg

 photo comicspec4_zps0f3091c9.jpg

 photo comicspec5_zps4309fe56.jpg

Also in this issue- An interview with the 60's Batman... Adam West! I have included it here as well since it features some talk on Burton's Bat. BTW- This issue also features a couple of foldout posters showcasing the Batmobile & Batman... But I didn't want to wreck my magazine removing them, so you'll have to hunt those down yourself. ;)

 photo comicspec6_zpsae7d6604.jpg

 photo comicspec7_zps22c884a3.jpg

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