Monday, June 16, 2014

Vintage Magazine Article:
"Comics Scene"
Issue #6

Issue #6 of Comics Scene magazine provides us with one of the better Bob Kane interviews from Batmania '89. In the article, Kane does a bit of crediting clarification- Giving a nod to Bill Finger as the early writer of the Batman comics, then putting his name behind the casting of Jack Nicholson & the starting point for the Batman movie suit design. Kane also reveals some early thoughts on the Gotham City set & the Batmobile, and even explains how he missed out on his cameo as "Bob the cartoonist". Enjoy!

 photo cscene1_zps040ea1c1.jpg

 photo cscene2_zpsd38a4e0b.jpg

 photo cscene3_zpsd75ab83f.jpg

 photo cscene4_zpsfeca173a.jpg

 photo cscene5_zps8b633dec.jpg

 photo cscene6_zpsdfcbf5c9.jpg

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  1. What month in 1989 is this from?

  2. What a POS Kane actually turned out to be. His drawings aren’t much better than what anyone COULD become if determined & practiced. A guy like McFarlane is in a league of his own; talent wise. Kanes drawings are awful for a pro. Look at the Comics Scene #6 magazine cover swipe of Batman. An iconic McFarlane Stance w/billowing cape fully covering. Look at Bobs attempt, lol, it’s a fanboy’s attempt but w/the name clout. Check out the feet…Batman’s left looks backwards & the right looks to be a slipper/dress shoe w/a tucked pants leg.
    I get why Kane was a POS & treated Finger the way he did. Kane is a hack at best & could easily be overlooked for someone w/a modicum of talent. So Batman was the one thing he had to have for himself.