Thursday, August 28, 2014

Vintage Magazine Article:
"Comics Scene"
Issue #9

Even though its cover presence was a mere blurb tacked in at the top, Batman '89 figured prominently in issue #9 of Comics Scene magazine-

 photo csbat1_zpsb8709f74.jpg

First up... This great piece covering an often overlooked segment of filmmaking: Storyboarding.

 photo csbat2_zps2ae38ead.jpg

 photo csbat3_zpsdcdabcc9.jpg

 photo csbat4_zps3f78b9d8.jpg

 photo csbat5_zps3f0de3a2.jpg

....Followed by a fantastic interview with star Michael Keaton conducted just 10 days before the film released!

 photo csbat6_zps57e17bd2.jpg

 photo csbat7_zps855efb9a.jpg

 photo csbat8_zpse26030fe.jpg

 photo csbat9_zpsded178d6.jpg

 photo csbat10_zps7d45633d.jpg

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