Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Vintage Magazine Article:
"Rolling Stone"
Issue 555 June 29, 1989

This article from the June '89 issue of Rolling Stone doesn't spend a great deal of time on the Batman film itself, but instead gives us an in-depth look at Keaton's casting as the Caped Crusader. We get to hear who introduced the idea into Burton's brain, what Keaton's mindset was after all the nay saying from the fans, and just how much of a toll wearing the suit took on the actor's mood. Quite a fascinating read! Oh... and sorry about the choppy format of the scans. This was the best I could do to present the article as coherently as possible due to the sidebar stories (which are presented here after the main article).

 photo rstone1_zpse3c50da8.jpg

 photo rstone2_zps3d3cc15e.jpg

 photo rstone3_zpscb35f8c9.jpg

 photo rstone4_zps10a03980.jpg

 photo rstone5_zps3329a1df.jpg

 photo rstone6_zps1dd0bedd.jpg

 photo rstone7_zps723d97fb.jpg

 photo rstone8_zps33eb2504.jpg

 photo rstone9_zps1a0fa9c6.jpg

 photo rstone10_zpsf0751c75.jpg

 photo rstone11_zps148363ca.jpg

 photo rstone12_zps8c523fd6.jpg

 photo rstone13_zpsdddf9a6e.jpg

 photo rstone14_zpsff85393f.jpg

 photo rstone15_zpsb2df02fb.jpg

 photo rstone16_zps0b46512b.jpg

 photo rstone17_zps25a8dfdb.jpg

 photo rstone18_zps62078f88.jpg

 photo rstone19_zps8c269ce1.jpg

As noted, a couple of sidebars break up the main article of the issue. First up- Bat Facts!

 photo rstonefacts_zps75cff1fc.jpg

...followed by a brief interview with 60's Batman Adam West-

 photo rstonecurse_zpsacc8742b.jpg

 photo rstonecurse2_zps409b54ae.jpg

...and since I found it incredibly cool that comics were being advertised in Rolling Stone, here's an ad from this issue as well-

 photo rstonecomicad_zps51b321e6.jpg

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