Friday, October 3, 2014

Robin Relics:
"Comics Scene"
Issue #17

 photo robinrelics_zps36726389.jpg

Today's "Robin Relics" post comes from Comics Scene issue #17. Here Denny O'Neil (then editor of DC's Batman titles) explains how this boy wonder would differ from his predecessors... and also gives further confirmation of the plans to make Robin a better fit for possible inclusion in "Batman II". Oh- And check out that great shot of Denny standing next to a real life Robin! What a cool suit! The bank of TV screens featuring the "R" symbol & DC logo in the background coupled with the quality of the costume indicate that this was most likely created as a publicity tool for introducing the new Robin. :)

 photo csrobin1_zps49bd2c94.jpg

 photo csrobin2_zps66c2af96.jpg

 photo csrobin3_zps3a8e22f5.jpg

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