Sunday, December 21, 2014

Vintage Magazine Article:
"Starburst" Issue #167
July 1992

More Batman Returns content for the holidays... This July 1992 issue of Starburst magazine gave an inside peek on the stellar sequel- From supposed scene snipping to creating costumed characters! Though this article may be short on length, it probably still thrilled Bat-fans eager for a taste at the new film. Enjoy!

 photo starburst1_zps54af3e8a.jpg

 photo starburst2_zps1d99608b.jpg

 photo starburst3_zpsd3bc2926.jpg

 photo starburst4_zps30d941bc.jpg

 photo starburst5_zpsdbb3c983.jpg

 photo starburst6_zpscea2d007.jpg

 photo starburst7_zps5c0ba43b.jpg

 photo starburst8_zpsb8484e69.jpg

 photo starburst9_zps43bd531f.jpg

 photo starburst10_zpsc5385b7c.jpg


  1. Great article and pics! Thanks for posting.

    I used to pick up any magazine if it had even the smallest amount of coverage or the two Burton movies. I had the souvenir magazines, but lost them during a move several years ago. I was lucky to find a mint copy of the 89' souvenir magazine for only $4 on Amazon. It's actually due arrive tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to it. It's going to be fun reading that magazine cover to cover again like I used to. Now I just need to find the Batman Returns magazine.

  2. I like that yellow oval emblem so much! Too bad they stopped using it after Batman Forever.