Monday, March 2, 2015

Merchandise Spotlight:
Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective
Dark Knight Returns Batman Figure
Toy Fair 2015 Black & White Exclusive Version

 photo dkrbw8_zpsxzr97ufn.jpg

Video Spotlight:

Pictorial Review:

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 photo dkrbw13_zpsmnxwurxo.jpg

 photo dkrbw12_zps04luot4j.jpg

 photo dkrbw11_zpsh22mk2oj.jpg

 photo dkrbw10_zps0pevlqeb.jpg

 photo dkrbw9_zpsqy8y0pb4.jpg

 photo dkrbw60_zps2ipqzfqx.jpg

 photo dkrbw57_zpsgbs3cftk.jpg

 photo dkrbw58_zpslajr8oeq.jpg

 photo dkrbw2_zpsf7qc7k9c.jpg

 photo dkrbw59_zpss7tsuanp.jpg

 photo dkrbw38_zps2is17tmi.jpg

 photo dkrbw37_zps4hj5xozo.jpg

 photo dkrbw55_zpsxlathv7o.jpg

 photo dkrbw54_zps1ymry4ue.jpg

 photo dkrbw53_zps81lw3ekl.jpg

 photo dkrbw40_zps9y7yh4dr.jpg

 photo dkrbw39_zpskkwryba1.jpg

 photo dkrbw52_zps0bpmba7w.jpg

 photo dkrbw51_zpsm2siwvuc.jpg

 photo dkrbw50_zpsctzvrycg.jpg

 photo dkrbw49_zpsb7t2jlol.jpg

 photo dkrbw48_zpspofg0hy1.jpg

 photo dkrbw47_zpsjimyzaky.jpg

 photo dkrbw44_zpsy8qe63gt.jpg

 photo dkrbw46_zpshw7kswbr.jpg

 photo dkrbw45_zpsifjmhwhg.jpg

 photo dkrbw43_zpsitfeufap.jpg

 photo dkrbw42_zpsp7vcs6qr.jpg

 photo dkrbw41_zpspvwuay3n.jpg

 photo dkrbw7_zpsabwittqo.jpg

 photo dkrbw27_zpsij1spizl.jpg

 photo dkrbw1_zps9bt1rkqq.jpg

 photo dkrbw21_zpsvqq5fyel.jpg

 photo dkrbw15_zpsyljvrq3a.jpg

 photo dkrbw14_zpsdnhvrhet.jpg

 photo dkrbw6_zpszgrujj4f.jpg

 photo dkrbw5_zpsarfiz1lg.jpg

 photo dkrbw4_zpskmnrj1hj.jpg

 photo dkrbw30_zpsi4wlkqyz.jpg

 photo dkrbw31_zpsvqipjv5f.jpg

 photo dkrbw32_zpswgdo70x2.jpg

 photo dkrbw25_zpsubkihqvg.jpg

 photo dkrbw23_zps86geiysv.jpg

 photo dkrbw22_zpskg9vl5jq.jpg

 photo dkrbw3_zpsvhscpbd6.jpg

 photo dkrbw17_zpssng1yx9h.jpg

 photo dkrbw18_zpsau6thvzd.jpg

 photo dkrbw19_zps15zmz7wm.jpg

 photo dkrbw20_zpsncdkjwnz.jpg

 photo dkrbw33_zpszcmsx8du.jpg

 photo dkrbw34_zpszbujexrb.jpg

 photo dkrbw35_zpskwynppzs.jpg

 photo dkrbw36_zpsbk93ry9z.jpg

 photo dkrbw16_zpsgk8uupc1.jpg

 photo dkrbw28_zpsczbgx4dw.jpg

 photo dkrbw29_zps1hoidjwi.jpg

Coming soon...

 photo dkrbwcolorpreview_zpstvztenjn.jpg

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  1. By any chance you happen to know anyone selling a Toy Fair Batman figure by Mezco? Im interested!

  2. Good figure but I think is too high his price!!

  3. Great review. Would you mind telling me what brand horse that is? It's perfect.

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