Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Merchandise Preview:
Hot Toys MMS 293
Batman Returns Batman 1/6th Scale Figure
Hot Toys MMS 294
Batman & Bruce Wayne 1/6th Scale Figure Set

After what seemed like an eternity, Hot Toys has FINALLY made good on their promise of 1/6th scale Batman Returns figures! Up first is MMS 293- Batman as seen in Batman Returns!

 photo br1_zps2f09ix8m.jpg

 photo br2_zpsaxsainqc.jpg

 photo br4_zpspphhytlc.jpg

 photo br3_zpse0rvnzyh.jpg

 photo br5_zpswslsmdt2.jpg

 photo br6_zpsxnsgxzsh.jpg

 photo br7_zpstnxqyqll.jpg

 photo br8_zpsk0akzgsw.jpg

 photo br9_zps5xhyo0ty.jpg

Also available is MMS 294, which features the Batman we just looked at PLUS a Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne figure, extra stand, and torn cowl accessory piece (allowing you to recreate the final moments of the film! While I think the Keaton head could be better, keep in mind this is a prototype and may change before production.

 photo brset5_zpswbjf2fms.jpg

 photo brset2_zpsi0fzph1z.jpg

 photo brset3_zpseereymrw.jpg

 photo brset4_zpsamultry9.jpg

 photo brset1_zpsmnh7q2hl.jpg

You can preorder both at Sideshow Collectibles' site right now. And if you use the links below, you'll be supporting this site when you do!

To order the single Batman figure (MMS 293), head here: DC Comics Batman DC Comics Sixth Scale Figure

To order the Batman & Bruce Wayne Set (MMS ), head here: DC Comics Batman and Bruce Wayne DC Comics Sixth Scale Figure Set

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  1. Okay, these super-realistic figures are starting to get creepy now ...

    Here's hoping they produce a Max Shreck toy -- who wouldn't want a mini Christopher Walken on their desk?!

    Love the site -- keep up the great work!