Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Special Feature:
The Batman Returns Audio/ Video Press Kit
Part 2- "Select Sound Bites"

Part 2 of the Batman Returns Electronic Press Kit Uploads! Just as they did with Batman '89, Warner Brothers created an audio/ video press kit cassette for distribution to major network & TV programs to promote the release of Batman Returns. The cassette included a featurette, cast & crew interviews, trailers & film clip segments, and B-Roll footage. Networks & TV production companies would select the segments they wished to use & edit them into their programs. The tape was never intended for public viewing.While most of the content included is now available, the full interview segments and complete b-roll footage I believe are still unique to the press kit. Presented here is the selected sound bite segment. These pieces would have been used by local news affiliates by having the standard questions asked by their staff then editing in the answers.

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  1. Danny DeVito was an awesome Penguin. He invited his friend and costar from Twins, Arnold Schwarzenegger to the Batman Returns premiere along with his wife, Maria Shriver.